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WoW TBC Gladiator Title Boost

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WoW TBC Gladiator Title Boost
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Are you interested in TBC Classic’s PvP scene, but unable to participate in it fully for any reason? Do you dream of on elite PvP set and prestigious PvP titles or other prizes that remain beyond your grasp? Has the greatest possible reward of the Arena season caught your eye, even though you could not claim it yourself? If so, CakeBoost’s TBC Classic PvP Title (Gladiator) Boost is for you. Our boosting professionals will let you save your time and energy while assuredly delivering the desired result.

The Burning Crusade expansion reintroduced the Arena to WoW Vanilla Classic. This more focused form of PvP experience allows player teams to progress in 2v2/3v3/5v5 brackets over the course of a season. In the process, they would face similarly skilled opponents and earn increasingly impressive titles and rewards. The most desirable prize of each Arena season is the TBC Gladiator title. It is awarded to those contestants who finish the season with an Arena rating in the top 0.5% within their bracket. Those who receive the title also obtain an exclusive seasonal mount, ensuring that their accomplishment does not go overlooked.

Earning this prestigious title requires tremendous skill and focus. Even the best players might not find the time or the energy to test their PvP skills over and over again. Finding a reliable and well-coordinated team can be a challenge in its own right. Problems like that are why we offer TBC Gladiator carry services. This opportunity to buy TBC Gladiator boost offers a way to acquire the title and all other rewards without any trouble or unwanted effort. In addition to the mount, TBC Gladiator carry rewards include Arena Points and Honor Points you could use to buy pvp items.

During a WoW TBC Gladiator Title Boost, one of our boosters will control your hero and join a team consisting of other boosters. They will win as many Arena matches as necessary to raise your Arena rating into the top 0.5%. A TBC Gladiator Boost is the only way to ensure that you will get the desired title and exclusive mount before the season is over. Unlike ordinary players or freelance boosters, those involved in our Classic TBC Gladiator boosting service can focus on the Arena full-time. Because they all work for one company, they will have no difficulty acting as a team, granting them the decisive edge that guarantees success.

CakeBoost’s expansive roster of gaming talent allows us to assign our best PvP specialists to the WoW TBC Gladiator Boost. They can boost TBC Gladiator under any conditions, provided you discuss those conditions in advance with our customer support team. Your server, faction, class, and starting gear can all affect the difficulty of your TBC Gladiator Title Boost. That, in turn, will determine its final price and duration. However, you should rest assured that our boosters will get the job done, so long as there is enough time left in the season for them to obtain the title. Once the service is agreed on, they will use optimal methods to complete it as quickly as possible.

In case you are wondering, our offerings are by no means limited to this TBC Gladiator Title Boost. We cover all PvP bases with our WoW TBC PvP Carry services. You can order a TBC Arena Boost to make sure you get the Arena rating you want in any bracket with our boosters’ assistance. Alternatively, you could improve your own PvP skills by ordering PvP TBC Arena Coaching. Our Classic WoW TBC Level Boost exists to smoothen out character progression and can also help get your hero ready for the Arena. TBC Dungeon boosting makes it trivial to farm specific instances for loot. We also provide services in other games and versions of WoW, including our SL WoW Gladiator Boost.


  • Gladiator Title
  • Exclusive Gladiator Mount
  • A significant number of arena wins
  • Honor Points
  • Fast start
  • 100% done by hands
  • All rewards, weapons and gear received during the boost.


  • depends on the current rating

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Please contact our operators to place custom Gladiator Title order! The price depends on the requirements (gear, server and other options) for your particular character! Until we discuss the details of the service, we will not be able to start performing the service. Be careful.