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WoW Classic Era Gearing

Gear farming WoW Classic services allow you to acquire the best normally available gear in Classic from any of the game’s dungeons or raids. Whichever source you choose, CakeBoost’s professional players will farm those instances relentlessly to assemble full gear sets that will allow you to take on all challenges at their tier level. You will also receive plenty of other resources from dungeon or raid completion!

WoW Classic Era Gearing

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One of the main issues for each WoW player is their gear, as it is the only possible way of achieving the highest possible characteristics that are necessary if you want to feel confident both in PvP and PvE. The main sources of the prestigious gear are Raids and Dungeons.

Dungeons and Raids represent another essential part of WoW world. It is a Classic PvE content format that has always been one of the most important parts of the gameplay. Dungeon or Raid clear is a trip of a team of 5 or sometimes more people to one of the isolated locations with several challenging Bosses where players can get unique items with outstanding characteristics that are unattainable otherwise, receive very prestigious achievements, as well as equipment, armor, Mounts and much more. WoW Vanilla will give players the opportunity to take part in a big variety of different Dungeons and Raids, each is unique and very hardcore.

To successfully clear any dungeon or raid, you need to consider several important issues. One of the most crucial is a suitable squad, which is a very complicated and time-consuming problem in the search itself and in the assessment of the players' skills. But due to the fact that all the tasks during the dungeon are layed equally on your teammates, you also must consider your own equipment problem. Clears can prove to be quite challenging, so you will have to acquire a set of armor beforehand to increase your survival rate. But even if you are able to solve the mentioned issues there is still no guarantee against unsuccessful attempts and there is always a fact that you may not receive the loot you desire.

CakeBoost can save you from all these issues! Right on this page, you can find a full range of our services for Gear Farm in WoW Classic (Vanilla). You have a 100% guarantee of a successful outcome: there will be no errors or any delays. Here is a short overview of the services concerning the Gear Farm, you can get more detailed information via individual service pages.

Service Full Dungeon Gear can provide you with any 55-60 level dungeons gear in each slot gear based on your choice and other loot dropped during the service execution.

MC Full Tier 1 (T1), BWL Full Tier 2 (T2), AQ 40 Full Tier 2.5 (T2.5), Naxx Tier 3 (T3) Services represent the means of getting full armor of each raid respectively with the corresponding Tier for each class.

There is only one requirement for receiving the services: your character needs to be 60 level.