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WoW Classic Era Legendary Weapons Boost

Legendary weapon WoW Classic services present a precious opportunity to obtain the three most unique and hard-to-get weapons in Classic. Normally, acquiring them would require you to complete very complex quests that involve farming high-level content. Ordering those services from CakeBoost would save you a lot of time and stress while our professional players complete every step necessary to make you one of the lucky few owners of Legendary weapons in your realm.

WoW Classic Era Legendary Weapons Boost

Buy WoW Classic Era Legendary Weapons Boost

In the world of World of Warcraft Classic, players are given the opportunity to purchase one of the special items called Legendary. According to legends, these are incredibly ancient objects that have been preserved on the expanses of Azeroth since time immemorial and once belonged to heroes who performed incredible feats with the help of these objects. Now you yourself can become the owner of one of the legendary items, the most desirable of which are the Weapons.

The Legendary Weapons are distinguished by the orange color of their name, which can be seen by hovering over an item in the inventory. These Weapons have incomparably higher characteristics and also give some additional effects on hit, as well as stats bonuses.

In order to acquire a Legendary Weapon, the efforts of several people are often required, which inevitably gives rise to controversy and competition for the right to possess this rare artifact. No one wants to cede such an item even to their closest allies. That’s why it makes sense to seek the help of specialists if you want to become the proud sole owner of the Legendary Weapon. CakeBoost offers you help in obtaining the desired Legendary Weapon. This will save you time and effort for more enjoyable gaming activities.

Sulfuras, Hand Of Ragnaros

Two-handed weapon. Associated with Molten Core Raid. It has the following effects for enhancing stats: +12 to Strength and Stamina, and also +30 to Fire Resistance. When hit, your enemy can be hit by a fireball and take from 273 to 333 Fire damage, after which he will also take +75 damage for 10 seconds. Each enemy that will deal melee attacks on your character will receive +5 Fire Damage.


One-handed weapon. Available for Warrior, Paladin, Hunter, Rogue. Associated with Molten Core and Blackwing Lair Raids. It has many stat enhancement effects: +9 Nature and Fire Resistance, + 16 – 30 outgoing Nature Damage, +5 Agility, +8 Stamina. When hit, your enemy can be thrown back with a bright flash that will cause +300 Nature Damage, after which you will move to another enemy in the vicinity (up to 5 jumps per series). The attack speed of your original target will be slowed down by 20% for 12 seconds due to exposure to the cyclone.

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