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Buy WoW Classic Epic Weapons Boost Carry Service

Epic weapon WoW Classic services are an optimal way to acquire the uniquely powerful weapons available to Hunters and members of spell-casting classes in Classic. Those items are gated behind difficult multi-stage quests. By trusting CakeBoost’s professional players with the completion of those quests, you are guaranteed to receive those items quickly and with minimal effort.

Buy WoW Classic Epic Weapons Boost Carry Service

One of the main issues for each WoW player is their gear and weapons, as it is the only possible way of achieving the highest possible characteristics that are necessary if you want to feel confident both in PvP and PvE.  The exclusivity and prestige of legendary weapons make this kind of weapon a powerful tool that can shift the power balance in your favor in any encounter. Such a Weapon cannot really compare with the average in characteristics and therefore much more difficult to obtain.

In WoW Vanilla (Classic) players have an opportunity to become owners of several impressive Weapons with extremely enhanced stats and with some unique additional effects but Legendary Weapons cannot be looted like all other pieces of gear, in this case, you will have to complete a range of complex tasks that involve slaying of some bosses in raids as well as the gathering of resources. In order to complete each step on the way to the weapon acquisition, the player must fulfill a certain number of special conditions. Overcoming of all the obstacles is likely to end up a time-consuming and tiring experience even for a very experienced player.

CakeBoost can save you from all these issues! Right on this page, you can find a full range of our services for Epic Weapons in WoW Classic (Vanilla). You have a 100% guarantee of a successful outcome: there will be no errors or any delays. Here is a short overview of the services concerning the Epic Weapons that CakeBoost offers, you can get some more detailed information via individual service pages.

Rhok’delar is a quest that can exclusively be completed by Hunter Class characters which allows you to receive one of the best-specialized Weapons in WoW Classic for Hunters. The bearer of Rhok’delar gains a + 1% to crit, +17 to Ranged Attack. The quest is long and complex and besides the resources gathering involved the clear of some Raids.

Benediction and Anathema is one of the Weapons with significantly enhanced features and unique effects which acquisition is a great boost for any magic support, especially Priests. Benediction increases the effectiveness of outgoing healing and also increases the chance of a critical hit. Shadow increases the power of outgoing magic attacks of shadow specialization, and also increases your character’s Mana by +5. The quality of the weapon leads to the complexity of its acquisition.

There is only one requirement for receiving the services: your character needs to be 60 level.