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WoW Classic Era (Vanilla) Level Boosting and Coaching Services

Powerleveling WoW Classic 1-60 boosts allow you to speed up your character’s progression through Classic. CakeBoost offers services to raise your character level, your profession skills, and your reputation with any of the factions in the game. Our professional players will do everything necessary to quickly improve those basic aspects of your character to the desired level, freeing you from the grind and letting you skip right to the fun parts of the original content.

WoW Classic Era (Vanilla) Level Boosting and Coaching Services

Buy WoW Classic Era Powerleveling

If you want to maximize the potential benefits and get the most out of WoW Classic, buy WoW Vanilla (Classic) Powerleveling Boost Services by CakeBoost. Professional CakeBoosters will improve the Level of your Character from 1 up to 15, 25, 35, 45, or 60. We will do everything necessary for you to get a reliable base for further successful development within 2 weeks from the moment of WoW Vanilla release.

Powerleveling Types

Character’s Level in WoW Classic ranges 1-60. We divided this path into a conditional “staircase” with 5 steps, and also provided the opportunity to overcome all five at once. Each step consists of 10-15 levels and requires completion of up to 15 large-scale quests to proceed to the next step:

  • 1-15 Lvl
  • 15-25 Lvl
  • 25-35 Lvl
  • 35-45 Lvl
  • 45-60 Lvl
  • 1-60 Lvl: this service will allow you to get a comprehensive Powerleveling Boost, combining all Services above (5 in 1).

What do you get?

  • Reaching the Level stated by the service conditions (1-60);
  • Individual approach and information support throughout the process of Order fulfillment;
  • Individually appointed professional Booster, selected in accordance with the specifics of your Character’s race and class;
  • All items, equipment, armor, gold and much more collected by our staff member during the Powerleveling process;
  • Access to new Zones, Quests, Items, Achievements, Mounts and much more;
  • A large number of completed quests;
  • Ensuring the comprehensive security of your account;
  • Complete anonymity;
  • Super-fast service execution: immediately after launching WoW Vanilla, service accomplishing will take up to 2 weeks;
  • High quality at the lowest price on market;
  • 100% guaranteed result.

These services will be useful both for players who are accustomed to modern WoW and will be forced to adapt to unusual gameplay, and for players who are familiar with WoW Classic and who want to save themselves from the routine monotonous work. CakeBoost offers you to use the services of professional Boosters, whose extensive experience will Boost your Character to the required Level much faster than the average player can do.