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WoW Classic Era PvE Boosts

PvE WoW Classic services can help you improve your Classic character in more specific ways compared to powerleveling. Those services include raising specified weapon skills and unlocking Shaman totems, Druid forms, and Warlock pets. CakeBoost’s professional boosters can level up skills and complete quests with maximum efficiency, unleashing your character’s full potential without you having to do anything.

WoW Classic Era PvE Boosts

Buy WoW Classic Era PvE Boosts

PvE is one of the main aspects in WoW Classic, that is not something you are able to avoid in any way like PvP. So even if you mostly play WoW for competing against other players you still need to get through several necessary quests to be able to do that. To get level 60 you will have to finish a decent amount of quests, but that will not be all. In order to unlock the full potential of your character, you will have to also complete several class quests and increase your Weapon Skill as well. CakeBoost offers a wide range of services connected with this aspect of the game, here you can check a short description of the services. For more detailed information check out the individual service page. 

Weapon Skill is a necessary skill that you need to increase in order to get your overall performance on a higher level. If you want to increase the  Character’s Weapon Skill Level of 1 chosen weapon type up to 300, here you can find the fitting service. 

There are also several services that will help you unlock class skills. There is a service that will unlock the summoning of an Infernal which is quite the strongest AoE spell for a Warlock. The quest for that requires you to travel through various locations and spend a lot of time on monotonous tasks. There is another service for warlocks that will give you an opportunity to unlock all Warlock Pets. Each Pet has specifics in its application, for example, Voidwalker is necessary if you need a tank for your encounters. If you buy this service you will not have to spend this amount of time traveling across the world and other monotonous tasks.

There are specialized services for shamans as well. You can get all shaman totems unlocked in one service, this way you will acquire 4 main totems with unique abilities, each with its own specifics. If you only need one Fire Totem, there is also a special service for this case. The Fire Totem is necessary if you want to upgrade your offensive powers, so it might be one of the main necessary assets for any battle. The quests will require you to hunt several mobs and do some other tasks.

There is another service that is specifically tied to your character class. You can buy All Druids Forms Unlock to get the main Forms with their unique specifics. The necessary quests can prove to be rather boring and typical or take way too much of your time. But these forms are needed for any fight because otherwise, Druid is not as functional as he has to be able to put up in a fight.

For each of the services is only one requirement, your character needs to be level 60. Our boosters will make sure you get what you want in the shortest possible period of time. You will get your skills along with any loot and rewards that were acquired during the service completion.