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WoW Classic Era Naxxramas Boost

Naxxramas raid boosts allow you to benefit from the final and most difficult of all Classic raids. CakeBoost’s professional players can undertake loot runs of the instance on your behalf, in which they will acquire as many Tier 3 items as they can. They will complete the raid with optimal efficiency and speed, defeating some of the most dangerous enemies in the vanilla realms.

WoW Classic Era Naxxramas Boost

Buy WoW Classic Era Naxxramas Boost 

Raids in WoW Classic (Vanilla) are available to any player who has reached level 60. If you are a fan and experienced player of the latest WoW Expansions, then you will be truly amazed at the hardcore contrast between modern and classic, much tougher, more demanding and ruthless raids!

Naxxramas is the final Raid in WoW Vanilla Classic (so far). Requires compliance with additional conditions to gain access. You must get a sufficient level of reputation with Argent Dawn (Revered-Exalted: the price of obtaining a pass depends on the level).

The Raid consists of 4 sectors, after which the group gets access to the final, fifth sector - the Frostwyrm Lair. Each of the first 4 sectors of Raid is different in complexity. Here, players will have to fight the most powerful PvE opponents of the entire game, because during the final phase, the game truly tests you for strength, offering prestigious rewards in return: items and armor (Tier 3 set).

Naxxramas Loot Run will allow you to get pieces of Tier 3 equipment (86-92 iLvl). You will receive rare loot, as well as high-level items. Thanks to this service, you will become the owner of many useful and effective items.

The Naxxramas Tier 3 (T3) Raid Vanilla Armor Set allows you to get the complete flawless finish of the final Raid and get the full Naxxramas gear. This armor is almost the BEST in the whole game: once you become its owner, you will instantly move to a qualitatively new gaming level and speed up the pace of your character’s development.

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