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Tier 2.5 Raid Gear Set

Tier 2.5 Raid Gear Set

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Buy Tier 2.5 Raid Gear Set 

Raids Armor Sets will allow you not to think about armor and solve this problem for a long time since a full set of Raid armor is an excellent option. The quality of the armor your character wears is very important, as this is the main factor in the survival of your character. Therefore, in order to feel confident in any troubles, you need to take care of the good equipment of your character, which will provide decent protection and additional bonuses.

You will get:

  • Full AQ (40) raid clear;
  • Full AQ (40) gear in each slot

ETA: flexible

Ahn’Qiraj Temple (40 man raid) offers players the opportunity to collect a complete set of thematic Raid armor, whose characteristics will not disappoint any player. Each class has its own set of AQ40 armor, which has special effects and expands the potential of each class. In total, the full AQ40 armor set includes 5 pieces. For the most complete effect, it is recommended to obtain a complete set. AQ40 raid will be available starting in Phase 5 of the WoW Vanilla Launch.

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