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Buy WoW Classic Benediction & Anathema Weapon Boost Carry Service

Buy WoW Classic Benediction & Anathema Weapon Boost Carry Service

Molten Core Raid access
Rewards and description

Our professional players will help you not only complete the desired Benediction & Anathema but also coach you how you should behave in all encounters. Learn all tips and tricks for your class from real game gurus.

Buy Benediction & Anathema Boost Carry Service

In WoW Vanilla (Classic), players are given the opportunity to become owners of Weapons with enhanced stats and with additional effects. Such a Weapon compares favorably with the usual average, but it is also much more difficult to obtain. It is his exclusivity and prestige that makes him a powerful tool that can shift the power balance in your favor in both PvP and PvE.

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Benediction & Anathema is one of the few Weapons with significantly enhanced features and unique effects in WoW Vanilla. Benediction & Anathema will be an indispensable acquisition for any magic support, especially Priests because due to its two-phase shape it gives more freedom of action and compensates for some hybridity of such Classes.

Benediction & Anathema has 2 forms: Healing (Benediction) and Shadow (Anathema) form, switching between which is available once every half an hour using the appropriate skill (Call of Anathema / Benediction). Benediction increases the effectiveness of outgoing healing and also increases the chance of a critical hit. Shadow increases the power of outgoing magic attacks of shadow specialization, and also increases your character’s Mana by +5.

The appearance of this Weapon is also unique in its own way: while the Healing form is golden with a bright red light, the Shadow form, on the contrary, stands out with a sharp contrast of black material and pale green mystical flicker.

It is worth mentioning again that both the appearance and the characteristics and mechanics of this Weapon are unique and are considered the best choice for the Priest Healer during the 1 and 2 WoW Vanilla Launch phases.

Like other members of the legendary epic Weapon Class, Benediction & Anathema cannot be obtained as Loot. If you want to become the owner of Benediction & Anathema and get all the benefits that it gives to its owner, you must follow a long sequence of steps to collect the necessary materials that will provide you with access to the creation of Benediction & Anathema. In order to complete each step of the sequence of tasks, the player must fulfill a certain number of conditions when passing Molten Core Raid, as well as beyond, while collecting the necessary ingredients.

It is likely that the average player will need a lot of time to prepare and go through the Molten Core in order to fulfill all the conditions necessary for the successful creation of Benediction & Anathema. We suggest you not to bother with unnecessary information and use a ready-made, effective and quick solution. Professional Booster will take much less time to fulfill all the necessary conditions to get Benediction & Anathema.

To get this Service, your character level must be 60+. If your character is below 60b, buy the WoW Vanilla Classic 1-60 Powerleveling Boost Service by CakeBoost.