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WoW Classic Era Blackwing Lair Boost

BWL Attunement
Rewards and description

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Blackwing Lair (BWL) is a 40-player Raid located in Blackrock Spire, high in the mountains. Here Nefarian tries to accomplish a task that was beyond the control of his father: he builds up strength and grows loyal offspring to crush the Ragnaros and lead his family to dominate all races of Azeroth. You have to disrupt the Nefarian plans and stop the accumulation of military forces before the situation gets out of control. In order to take part in this Raid, your level must be 60+.

You will get:

  • Full BWL run;
  • Opportunity to get good gear, materials, resources;
  • Opportunity to get T2 items

ETA: 1 week

Nefarian is the final boss of this Raid. There are 8 bosses total, each of which allows you to get the Tier 2 Raid Set piece as loot. You can also get unique weapons here, including Dragonbreath Hand Cannon, Claw of the Black Drake, and others. The great reward is worth the effort and will be a useful acquisition for any player. Buy Blackwing Lair (BWL) WoW Vanilla Raid Run Boost Service by CakeBoost and get the perfect result in the near future, without moving your finger! We suggest you entrust the dirty work to a team of professionals, highly qualified and trained Boosters, who will gladly save you from having to bother your head with organizational moments. Buy a Blackwing Lair (BWL) WoW Vanilla Raid Run Boost Service by CakeBoost to get a perfect Blackwing Lair Raid Run done by real professionals. Your character will keep all items received during the Raid Run.

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