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Buy WoW Classic Dire Maul Run Boost Carry Service

Buy WoW Classic Dire Maul Run Boost Carry Service

Part 1 (East Session)
Part 1 (West Session)
Part 1 (North Session)
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Rewards and description

Our professional players will help you not only complete the desired Dire Maul Run but also coach you how you should behave in all encounters. Learn all tips and tricks for your class from real game gurus.

Buy Dire Maul Run Boost WoW Classic Vanilla Service

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You will get:

  • Dire Maul (DM);
  • 19 bosses defeat;
  • Pug run with boosters will clear this dungeon one time 
  • Advised Level: 58-60

ETA: 1 day

Dire Maul - WoW Classic dungeon. Here, 12,000 years ago, the gloomy and majestic Eldre’Thalas was erected, which was destined to become a reliable repository of Queen of Azshara’s dark secrets, as she sought to enslave the whole world. The city was built by Highborne sorcerers, an ominous cult that served the Queen’s dark will. However, like many other cities and historic buildings, Eldre’Thalas was destroyed by the Great Sundering. The ruins of the city now called Dire Maul were plunged into the dark waters of the Vailed Sea and became home to crowds of vile monsters and hideous creatures. Daredevils can risk going here for worthy prey. In order to get into the North and West sides of the Dire Maul, one of the party members must use a Crescent Key (drops from Pusillin).