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Buy WoW Classic Faction Mounts Boost Carry Service

Buy WoW Classic Faction Mounts Boost Carry Service

Riding Skill + 60% Mount [Level 40]
Riding Skill + 100% Mount [Level 60]
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Night Elf
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Our professional players will help you not only complete the desired Faction mounts Boost but also coach you how you should behave in all encounters. Learn all tips and tricks for your class from real game gurus.

Faction Mounts Boost WoW Classic Vanilla Carry


Traveling in WoW Classic is much harder and more time-consuming than in the main version of the game. For anyone wishing to see all that the classic game world has to offer, acquiring mount is indispensable. All players enjoy access to exclusive Faction Mounts that can take them from one place to another swiftly and in style, but turning this right into reality can be difficult. With CakeBoost, you will receive your preferred Mount quickly and without too much effort!

You will get:

  • The Faction Mount of your choice;
  • The appropriate Riding Skill received.

ETA: 1-3 days

Each race in WoW Classic has its own unique Mount type. In the Alliance, Dwarves ride hardy rams, Humans gallop on majestic horses, Night Elves bond with fearsome big cats called sabers, and Gnomes pilot ingenious Mechanostriders. On the Horde side, Orcs are carried into battle by their iconic wolves, the Undead stalk on sinister skeletal horses, the Tauren command mighty Kodo lizards, and Trolls handle ferocious raptors.

All Mount types have multiple cosmetic variations and come in Rare and Epic versions. Rare Faction Mounts, available at Level 40, give a 60% speed boost, while Epic Faction Mounts require Level 60 and offer a 100% speed bonus. Even the slower Mount would make a massive difference to your travel speed. However, getting a Mount is not cheap. The price of an ordinary Faction Mount is 80 Gold, with 20 Gold more paid to acquire the required Riding Skill for that Mount type. An Epic Mount costs 1000 Gold. Additionally, buying a Faction Mount from another Race requires reaching Exalted status with that race’s Faction. Even then, it is important to remember that Tauren can only ride Kodos and Wolves, while Mechanostriders will only work for Dwarves and Gnomes.

Earning 100 or 1000 Gold in WoW Classic is a difficult and time-consuming task. CakeBoost’s Faction Mounts Boost service will let you cut through the grind and earn the desired Mount without delay. With the help of the company’s pro-boosters, your character will soon be ready to ride on to new adventures!