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WoW Classic Era PvP Set Boost

Rare set
Rank 7 Pieces
Rare Boots/Gloves
Rank 8 Pieces
Rare Chest/Legs
Rank 10 Pieces
Rare Helm/Shoulders
Epic set
Rank 12 Pieces
Epic Gloves/Legs/Boots
Rank 13 Pieces
Epic Helm/Chest/Shoulders
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Rewards and description

Buy WoW Classic Era PvP Set Boost

PvP has always been an essential part of WoW gameplay, starting with the very first release of WoW Classic, as it was such battles that determined which player was the strongest. This area has always been highly competitive, and the high characteristics of the awards that could be obtained here have always corresponded to the difficulty of winning them. The higher you advance in the Player vs Player hierarchy, the higher the value of the reward you receive.

Starting with phase number 2, players will have the opportunity to compete for a decent place in the Honor system. Each class will have access to 2 unique sets of equipment with the ability to supplement it with “bonus sets” of 2, 4 or 6 items that improve some stats (for example, Spell or Attack power or Stamina) and give other improvements, for example, increase the efficiency of casting spells. All this makes WoW Classic Sets profitable and attractive for hybrid classes, whose Raid sets cannot fully satisfy.

You will get:

  • Full PvP sets depend of choice;
  • Some starter resources: gold, craft materials, gear during the leveling process

ETA: flexible

 Class Set Name
DruidRare: Lieutenant Commander’s Sanctuary/Champion’s Sanctuary
Epic: Field Marshal’s Sanctuary/Warlord’s Sanctuary
HunterRare: Lieutenant Commander’s Pursuit/Champion’s Pursuit
Epic: Field Marshal’s Pursuit/Warlord’s Pursuit
MageRare: Lieutenant Commander’s Regalia/Champion’s Regalia
Epic: Field Marshal’s Regalia/Warlord’s Regalia
PaladinRare: Lieutenant Commander’s Aegis
Epic: Field Marshal’s Aegis
PriestRare: Lieutenant Commander’s Raiment/Champion’s Raiment
Epic: Field Marshal’s Raiment/Warlord’s Raiment
RogueRare: Lieutenant Commander’s Vestments/Champion’s Vestments
Epic: Field Marshal’s Vestments/Warlord’s Vestments
ShamanRare: Champion’s Earthshaker
Epic: Warlord’s Earthshaker
WarlockRare: Lieutenant Commander’s Threads/Champion’s Threads
Epic: Field Marshal’s Threads/Warlord’s Threads
WarriorRare: Lieutenant Commander’s Battlegear/Champion’s Battlegear
Epic: Field Marshal’s Battlegear/Warlord’s Battlegear

In order to get one of the available WoW Classic Set, you will have to devote a lot of time and effort to battles. Each class has access to one of 2 available sets: Rare and Epic Honor Set. Rare set can be obtained when you are at Rank 7-10, and parts of the Epic set can be obtained at Rank 12 and 13. With each new Rank, the player will have access to purchase one of the items in the set. The pieces of the set become available in the following order: Rare Gloves / Boots (Rank7) -> Rare Legs / Chest (8) -> Rare Should / Head (9) -> Epic Boots / Legs / Gloves (12) -> Epic Should / Head / Chest (13).

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