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WoW Classic Era Honor Farm Boost

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WoW Classic Era Honor Farm Boost
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Buy WoW Classic Era Honor Farm Boost

PvP has always been one of the central aspects of the World of Warcraft from the very first releases. In WoW Vanilla, this part of the game also has an important place in the gameplay. Through game battles, players determine which of them is the strongest, and also determine their place in the hierarchy relative to other players. This area is very competitive, therefore, in order to take its rightful place in the Player vs Player hierarchy, you need to make a lot of effort and hone your skills.

You will get:

  • Honor Farm service;
  • Some starter resources: gold, materials, gear during the process

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The Honor rating system is introduced in Phase 2 of the WoW Vanilla launch. A player’s place in the Classic World of Warcraft is determined not only by his personal indicators, but also relative to the indicators of other server players.

Participating in free fighting zones (Battlegrounds), players receive Honor Points, which are the currency for the purchase of equipment and armor with good characteristics. The game features several free such zones, each of which has two fractions (one for the Alliance and one for the Horde). These zones provide players with the opportunity to farm Honor Points.

Warsong Gulch Battleground

This zone is located in the south of Ashenvale. Warring factions: the Silverwing Sentinels (Alliance), Warsong Outriders (Horde). The goal of the battle in this field is to capture the Flag of the opposing team from the enemy base and deliver the Flag to its base. The team must capture all three enemy Flags, while not allowing the opponent to capture their own Flag. The faction that was able to capture all three of the opponent’s Flags is considered the winner.

Arathi Basin Battleground

This area is located in Arathi Highlands. Opposing factions: The League of Arathor (Alliance), The Defilers (Horde). These factions support the forces of the Alliance and the Horde, respectively, and are in constant confrontation over territories and resources. On the map, there are 5 bases with Flags for each team. Teams strive to subordinate all bases to their control. In order to capture a base, it is necessary to continuously stay near the Flag for ten seconds, after which the base passes under the control of the player’s team. After that, it is necessary to maintain control over the base for 10 seconds, during which the capture of the Flag by the opponent should not be allowed. As a reward for successful capture of the base, your team will receive a certain amount of resources, which is summed up with subsequent and previous captures. The winning team is the team that scored 2000 units of resources first.

Alterac Valley Battleground

This area is located in Alterac Mountains. Warring factions: the Stormpike Guard (Alliance), the Frostwolf Clan (Horde). The goal of your team is to make a breach in the line of defense of the enemy and get to the opponent’s fortress. Throughout each battle you have to deal with PvE. A battle is considered to be won if your team defeats the opponent’s General.

Dishonorable Kills

Dishonorable Kills, also often referred to as DKs, are also associated with Honor Points level changes. This phrase refers to the murder of the Civilian NPC in a fight. Usually, these NPCs are not combat, but they perform some useful function for the enemy faction or support it in another way: for example, give quests for players who fight in support of the enemy faction. Thus, by killing such a character, you can stop the development of an opponent for a while. Such characters can be identified by the label "Civilian" next to the name. As the name suggests, such actions are punishable and entail the loss of positions on the server. Too many DKs done can nullify your PvP rating! This measure was taken to ensure that the players did not locate their camps close to low-level characters, thus meanly sabotaging the development of the enemy. Fight with opponents that have equal power!

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