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WoW Classic Era Honor Farm Package

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WoW Classic Era Honor Farm Package
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Player vs Player hierarchy (PvP) is the essential part of WoW Vanilla universe. Players test their characters’ abilities and develop their skills by fighting each other on Battlegrounds and getting Honor Points as a reward. Honor Points are a WoW currency: a good amount of honor is a sealed way for the character to obtain only the best weapons and gear that will greatly contribute to its future combat successes. Thus honor farming, which is essentially a participation in Battlegrounds, is a highly competitive field. 

You will get:

  • The requested amount of Honor points per package (500K, 600K or 700K)
  • All the gear and items that drop during the process 

ETA: flexible

Prominent Honor farming zones are the following: the Warsong Gulch, the Arathi Basin and the Alterac Valley. All of them are available for both the Alliance and the Horde. Farming Honor can be pretty tricky, as the gain highly depends on such factors as the number of the players in your team, your character’s level, your enemy’s level, hostile team’s skills – chances are, your character might leave the BG empty-handed. Besides, you always have to remember that only Honor kills (HK) bring Honor points, which means your character has to kill a player from the enemy team. Dishonorable kills (DK), such as accidentally killing civilians, on the other hand, significantly lower your and your teammates’ chances to gain honor, dumping your overall rank. The competitiveness of Honor farming brings long queues, contributing to the complexity of the goal. It might take months of intensive play for your character to notably gain honor. 

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