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League of Arathor Reputation Boost

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Today, The League of Arathor is a Faction that provides all kinds of support to the Alliance forces. The base camp of this Faction is located in Arathi Highlands, however, it has an ancient and interesting history. Initially, The League of Arathor was founded by the few survivors of the Stromgarde in order to prevent the transfer of Arathi Highlands under the control of the Forsaken Defilers. Now the Faction is responsible for maintaining the Alliance’s forces, supplying its army with the necessary resources and military power. This fraction is multicultural and you can meet representatives of all races of the Alliance in its ranks. The members of this Faction are sure that there is no place for intolerance in the matter of the justice battle, and they will appreciate the intention of any hero of the Alliance to provide all possible assistance.

You will get:

  • Exalted reputation with League of Arathor;
  • You will get a new tabard

ETA: 3-4 weeks

In order to increase his level of reputation with The League of Arathor, a player must take part in battles in the territory of Arathi Basin battleground. For every 160 units of resources, a player receives +10 Reputation Points with The League of Arathor (when playing on the weekend, you will receive +10 RP for every 150 units of resources that you collect on the battlefield). Once you reach the Exalted reputation level, your Character will be awarded the Justicar title (this title is also awarded for achieving the same reputation level with the Silverwing Sentinels and Stormpike Guard Factions).

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