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Paladin 40 and 60 lvl Mount Quest Boost

Summon Warhorse
Level 40
Summon Charger
Level 60
Rewards and description

Buy Paladin 40 and 60 lvl Mount Quest Boost

A knight in shining armor must have a faithful steed to reach the battlefield in time and in style. That is why the Paladin class in WoW Classic can acquire unique Mounts – a Warhorse and a Charger. With CakeBoost’s help, your Paladin will receive a worthy Mount on time and with no hassle!

You will get:

  • The Summon Warhorse or Summon Charger spell;
  • Any extra rewards from completing unique Paladin quests (Gold, gear, experience, and reputation). 

ETA: 1 week

Paladin Mounts should not be confused with ordinary horses. They are holy steeds in splendid armor who possess a special bond with their owners. Paladins can summon them using Mana and ride them without a pricey Riding Skill (unlike most other Mounts). The Warhorse, which you can acquire at Level 40, provides a 60% speed bonus, whereas the Charger is available at Level 60 and offers a 100% speed boost. With such a dramatic increase in speed, a Paladin can begin to feel like a true knight-errant, racing through Azeroth in pursuit of glory and justice!

While Paladins do not purchase their Mounts with Gold like most characters, they still must earn the right to summon them through quests. Summoning the Warhorse requires the completion of a quest called The Tome of Nobility. The Charger is an Epic Mount that comes as the final reward for a much longer and more involved quest chain, beginning with the Lord Grayson Shadowrunner quest and culminating in a unique difficult boss fight against Death Knight Darkreaver.

Completing those quests can take a lot of time and patience. In particular, the final fight of the Charger quest chain is impossible without a good group. A single mistake could greatly delay your acquisition of the Paladin Mount. CakeBoost’s highly rated team of pro-boosters will make sure that you will receive the Mount you deserve with all possible haste and no frustrating setbacks!