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Ravenholdt Reputation Boost

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Ravenholdt Reputation Boost
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Ravenholdt is the criminal guild of robbers and killers. In order to join it, you must prove the high level of your skill, cunning, unscrupulousness and other qualities that are virtues for members of this Faction. It is believed that Ravenholdt is a Faction for the rogues since the vast majority of the proposed quests are available for rogues only. The headquarters of Ravenholdt is located in the inaccessible part of the Alterac Mountains. Their archenemy is the opposite of Faction - Syndicate.

You will get:

  • Revered or exalted Ravenholdt Reputation;
  • Some starter resources: gold, craft materials, gear during the process

ETA: 1-4 weeks

As explained above, the community considered mostly rogues. For the only non-rogues available quest, Junkboxes Needed, players will still need the help of this class. In order to improve your Ravenholdt Reputation, you must complete related repeated Quests and kill Syndicate members: for each kill of the Syndicate humanoid, you will receive 1-5 Reputation points. If at the level below Friendly, you kill any Ravenholdt NPC, your Reputation score will become Unfriendly and won’t be improved anymore.

There are no obvious advantages and bonuses associated with improving the level of Reputation with Ravenholdt, except for a more friendly dialogue with other representatives of this Faction. However, it is possible that the Exalted with Ravenholdt Reputation level will be a prerequisite for completing one of the parts of Rogue Epic Quest. In order to improve your Reputation with Ravenholdt, you no longer have to kill a bunch of Syndicate representatives or deliver hundreds of junk boxes: buy the Ravenholdt Reputation Boost Service by CakeBoost and entrust all details to professionals! We will save you from the monotonous work necessary to improve your Reputation with Ravenholdt while saving the time required to achieve the desired result. For each order, a highly professional Booster is assigned individually in accordance with the Characteristics of your Character.

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