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Rhok’delar Hunter Class Quest Boost

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Rhok’delar Hunter Class Quest Boost
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Buy Rhok’delar Hunter Class Quest Boost 

Rhok’delar is a quest that is exclusively available to Hunter Class representatives. After completing this quest, you will receive one of the best-specialized Weapons in WoW Classic for Hunters.

ATTENTION! This Service can be provided for the HUNTER Class characters ONLY!

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Rhok’delar is an exclusive long-range hunt specialized Weapon. A character who picks up Rhok’delar as a Weapon gains a + 1% chance to critically strike, as well as +17 power to his Ranged Attack.

This unique Weapon with excellent characteristics is the main point of completing the main quest and completing the accompanying quest chain. The long road to gaining Rhok’delar begins during Molten Core Raid: you must defeat Majordomo Boss and get the Ancient Petrified Leaf las a loot (the chance of this item being dropped = 50%). Rhok’delar Questchain launches automatically when the Ancient Petrified Leaf is placed in your character’s inventory. This item is one of two ingredients needed to make Rhok’delar. The second ingredient will need to be obtained in another Raid - Onyxia’s Lair. The second item needed to create Rhok’delar is called Mature Black Dragon Sinew. This is the loot that you can get after defeating Raid’s final Boss: Onyxia.

Only after you have received both necessary Items, you will get access to the crafting of Rhok’delar using the form (the special item you are awarded at the end of the whole Questline).

Thus, overcoming all the phases necessary to gain access to the creation of Rhok’delar is likely to take a lot of time and may tire even an experienced player. If one of your main characters is a Hunter, don’t miss the chance to become the owner of a well-thought-out and effective item, specialized specifically for the style of play that corresponds to the Hunters.

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