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WoW Classic Warsong Outriders Reputation Boost

WoW Classic Warsong Outriders Reputation Boost

Rewards and description

Buy WoW Classic Warsong Outriders Reputation Boost

Warsong Outriders is a Faction that consists of Orcs and is currently under the attack of the Silverwing Sentinels Faction, which seeks to expel the Warsong Outriders from the lands that they inhabit. However, the Faction is not ready to give up its positions, especially considering the fact that the Warsong Outriders conducts large-scale extraction of wood resources in the territories of Alterac Valley. This clan has great power and combat potential and has repeatedly given a worthy rebuff to the forces of the Alliance. If you are a hero of the Horde, you can help Warsong Outriders defend their positions in territories that they consider to be theirs. The head of the clan is the formidable orc Grom Hellscream, who will appreciate your readiness to help his people.

You will get:

  • Exalted reputation with Warsong Outriders;
  • You will get a new tabard

ETA: 3-4 weeks

In order to increase his reputation with Warsong Outriders, the player must take part in the battles at the Warsong Gulch battleground. Each time your team successfully captures the flag, you get +35 Reputation Points with Warsong Outriders (+45 RP when participating in weekend battles). Once you reach the Exalted reputation level, your Character will be awarded the Conqueror title (this title is also awarded for achieving the same reputation level with the Defilers and Frostwolf Clan Factions).

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