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Boosting WoW Shadowlands

WoW Shadowlands boosts can allow you to enjoy the famous MMORPG’s latest expansion at your own pace, without having to worry about powerleveling, gearing, or other monotonous tasks. CakeBoost offers services for all PvE and PvP activities in the game, including reputation or currency farming, Mythic+ dungeon and raid completion, Arena rating boosting, and more. You can buy individual services to get specific parts of the game you don’t enjoy out of your way, or order bundle packages to get yourself up to speed at a healthy discount. We also offer services for older content such as timewalking raids, Allied Race unlocks and farming for mounts from any point in the game’s lifetime.

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For many years World of Warcraft kept its position as one of the best MMORPGs in the world. Even now, 17 years after the release, this game continues to be the most exciting, eventful, and fun experience in the genre. Blizzard constantly upgrades the game with new addons, adding huge amounts of new content and greatly expanding this neverending universe.  

CakeBoost is happy to provide the WoW community with totally reliably boosting services. We never stop expanding our catalog of services and are ready to help with almost any task. High speed of execution and guaranteed success for one of the best prices on the market - this is why CakeBoost is your best choice on the modern boosting market. 

WoW Shadowlands Services by Cakeboost 

Powerleveling: this is where you can find a variety of boosting services dedicated to the leveling process. As SL expansion changes the overall amount of levels and rebalanced EXP system, some players can find the leveling process boring and monotonous. We can get your character to any level you choose as quickly as possible. You can choose up to the final 60 level for boosting if necessary. 

Castle Nathria Raid (CN): Castle Nathria is the first raid that was opened in Shadowlands. Most and foremost - this raid is considered to be one of the hardest in the history of WoW. In this category, you will find a pack of different boosting services related to this raid. Our professional players are ready to complete this raid on any difficulty, prepare your character for the raid by finding the most suitable gear or unlock any raid-related achievements.

Reputation Boost: Just like the previous expansions, Shadowlands adds dozens of new factions to the game. Everyone knows that reputation plays a very important role in the game. And everyone knows that farming reputation is a boring and time-consuming task. In this category, you can find reputation boosting for any faction in Shadowlands. 

Professions in SL: World of Warcraft is full of different professions for everyone’s choice. Right now, after the release of the Shadowlands, profession system is going through dramatic changes. For players, it means that professions will become even more profitable, and masters of crafting will become even more demanded. If you want to earn a huge amount of gold, create the best gear in the game and become the desired player in any top guild - this category is perfect for you. Our boosters will farm profession points for alchemy, leathering, blacksmithing and any other craft quickly and efficiently. 

SL Gearing: if you want to be strong and efficient, you have to wear the best equipment. Some of them can be obtained from drops, others bought or crafted. In order to successfully complete any PvE content or participate in PvP battles, you have to find equipment with the highest characteristics and most suitable for your hero. Thanks to our boosting services, you will get Best in Slot gear for any tasks: Full Mythic+ Gear, Raid gear and much more.

SL Raids: This category is dedicated to the different raid-related challenges and tasks. Here you can find the completion of raids on necessary difficulty, killing of a specific boss, unlocking of raids achievements and so on. 

SL Mounts: WoW makes a great emphasis on creating different ways of transporting players around the world of Azeroth. The number of different mounts is huge and it is almost impossible to get a fully completed collection. This number increased a lot with the release of Shadowlands. Blizzard added even more both usual and flying mounts to the game. Our mounts boosting services is your perfect way to get any mount you want without the necessity to spend hours of your precious free time trying to get a specific drop with a 1% chance of success. Our players will do it for you for one of the best prices on the market.

SL Currency Farm: It is easy to say that gold is the most important resource in the game. Yet, there is a lot of other currency that can be used for a variety of tasks. Resource management can be difficult, but with help of our professional boosters, your character will become as rich as possible. We will help you to farm any amount of Anima, Soul Ash, or Freed Soul you need as quickly as possible. 

SL Bundles: CakeBoost has special offers for players who want to get a lot of different services for a reasonable price. In this category, you will find bundled services that will effectively complete any task you need. You can choose, for example, Any Legendaries Bundle, which will bring you a desired legendary item, or Leveling + Gearing bundle in order to fully prepare your character for a long and difficult adventure in the world of Shadowlands. Our online support will help you to choose the perfect bundle if necessary. 

The perfect result of our boosting services is guaranteed by three main elements:

Firstly - our team consists only of reliable professional WoW players. All members of our team have gone through a difficult and highly competitive selection process. Only the best players can perform boosting services of such a high level of quality - and we understand that. We select the most suitable booster for every order judging by the effectiveness of a booster, his skills and a task that must be completed. 

Secondly - the safety of your account is our top priority. We never use any type of 3rd-party software or cheats. Every service is executed carefully only by real people. In order to fully protect your account from any risks, we use a VPN for your exact region. The total safety of your account is guaranteed. You can learn more about safety measures in our Privacy Policy.

Thirdly - we offer a wide variety of different services for any type of gaming needs. You can find a specific boosting service for a specific task. We are continuously expanding our list of available services and keep it constantly updated. Even the most specific and narrow problem can be easily solved with help of our professional boosters! 

Our great experience is our main method of totally understanding what is necessary for the gaming audience. We are gamers too and we realize how important and helpful boosting services can be. More than that, we always provide our clients with detailed feedback on our services. Our support team is ready to give you a detailed consultation on any service we offer. 

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