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Shadowlands Bundles

Bundle WoW SL services from CakeBoost are a time and cost-effective means of accelerating your progress through specific parts of Shadowlands content. Any one of these services will yield greater rewards than smaller boosts, while coming at a discounted price. Our professional players will complete any of those services with maximum efficiency, giving you a major advantage in the game.

Shadowlands Bundles

Buy Shadowlands Bundles 

SL, like any new WoW expansion so far, requires players to quickly navigate new circumstances. Thus, players are forced to think about several things at the same time: leveling up to gain access to the most exciting and thrilling content, getting proper quality armor that will increase the level of survival, improving the level of proficiency in professions, clearing new dungeons, new items, Raids, and much more. This can be confusing and slow down your progress as you are challenged to spend a lot of time playing while focusing on multiple goals at the same time.

Especially for those players who prefer complex solutions, CakeBoost has developed a line of SL Bundle Services, which will not only help you quickly improve your position in several areas at the same time but also allow you to save money. Buying bundled services make them much more profitable than buying them separately one after the other. Among all the SL service packages presented below, any player will find something that’s perfect for his or her demands.

Bronze, Silver and Golden Dungeon Bundle Services allow the player to get the most benefit when ordering multiple Mythic + dungeons at the same time: 3 for Bronze, 5 for Silver, and ALL for Gold. The player can choose not only the optimal number of traders (from 1 to 3) to get the required amount of loot, but can also add a repeated passage of the Dungeon set to increase profit. With the purchase of in Bundle services, you get huge monetary benefits and decent progress.

The Leveling Bundle is suitable for players who have more than one active character and want to level up each of them quickly and efficiently. The more characters you need to develop, the more money you save. You can also choose the optimal execution speed for fast results. This service will save not only your money but also a lot of time.

Beginner Bundle is designed to not only increase the level of your character, but also to make sure that he is dressed in the best equipment that will make him feel confident in any combat situations, both in PvP such as Raids, Dungeons or Quests and in PvP. Advanced Bundle​​​​ also allows you to increase the level of proficiency in any of the available professions.

These and other packages of services presented in the category will help to strengthen your character quickly and efficiently. By improving your position in several areas at the same time, you will significantly increase your game potential in the shortest possible time, you will be relieved of a lot of monotonous work, and you will bring your character to full combat readiness: focus on what is really important and interesting, let the CakeBoost team take care of all the rest.