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WoW Farming Services

Farming WoW SL services allow you to acquire any resource in Shadowlands, from Gold to more exotic currencies like Soul Ash or Stygia, without having to farm for them yourself. With CakeBoost’s help, you are guaranteed to get as much as you want of the resources you need to make the most of the in-game economy. Our professional players will use the most efficient methods of acquiring the ordered resources, ensuring quick results.

WoW Farming Services

Buy WoW Farming Services 

SL is different from the world of the living that we are used to, however, here too, financial resources are needed in order to feel free and confident. With enough currency, you can buy the necessary consumables in sufficient quantities, as well as buy enough resources to improve the level of the profession and create equipment.

In SL, players have access to a fundamentally new currency: players can get Freed Souls, farm Soul Ash, and also get Anima as well as Anima Daily cap.

CakeBoost offers a wide range of services to help you acquire the required amount of any game currency as quickly as possible. We are ready to farm any volume of any SL quickly, legally and safely. Thanks to these services, you will become the owner of the necessary currency resource quickly, efficiently and without any risk. You can get more detailed information about each of the presented currencies on the service pages below.

Anima Farm. Anima is a new special resource that is used in all 5 zones of the SL. In fact, this is the life energy of once-living creatures. The resource is replenished due to the endless flow of new spirits into the realm of the dead. This resource is used to discover new talents and improve them, as well as during the passage of the Torghast Tower of the Damned unique dungeon. Anima has many different uses in SL, but some of them are yet to be discovered. The Anima Daily Cap service allows you to get the maximum amount of Anima possible per day.

Freed Soul Farm is a service thanks to which you can get the required amount of another unique resource of the SL, Freed Souls. The main use of this resource as a currency is not yet clear, however, obtaining this resource is associated with the release of souls during the passage of Torghast Tower.

Soul Ash Farm – another resource that players harvest while playing Torghast Tower. This is the most important resource that allows you to craft Legendary items. In order to accumulate a sufficient amount of this resource to create an item, the player must go through the dungeon repeatedly. Thanks to our service, you will receive a sufficient amount of this resource as quickly as possible.

We guarantee the quality of each service: from the moment of its development to the final result. Only handmade, verified by boosters, and applying a full range of security measures. Learn more about our Privacy Policy.