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WoW Gear Boost

Gearing services WoW SL 220-260 item level offer a way to get the best equipment in Shadowlands without going through a long and grueling farming process that is made more obnoxious by low drop rates. CakeBoost’s professional players can quickly and efficiently assemble gear sets from different sources and for different levels of play. With their help, you will be equipped for any content in the game in very little time.

WoW Gear Boost

Why Should You Buy Shadowlands Gearing Service from CakeBoost? 

No one would argue with the scale of World of Warcraft. The impact of this huge MMORPG on the video game industry changed the course of the genre and led to the creation of an entire "Western school of MMO". World of Warcraft is full of different activities for all kinds of players. PvP content is ideal for fans of both large-scale and local battles with other players, and the variety of the PvE part of the game will drag on for thousands of hours of play.

Speaking about PvP. If you want to complete various PvP-related challenges quickly and efficiently, WoW Shadowlands PvP boost from CakeBoost is your perfect choice. 

However, almost every activity in the game requires some preparations. You can't just join the raid or start a fight against a player of a hostile faction, you need to master your character, know his skills and abilities, and go through the process of gearing up the character. Finding the equipment you need is a pretty big part of the World of Warcraft gameplay. Gearing in Shadowlands will take hours of your free time, and finding the perfect set of armor and weapons can be a global goal not for days, but for weeks of playing.

Every player faces a number of problems during gearing in Shadowlands, and not all of these problems can be solved quickly.

  • The rarer the item, the harder it is to find it. The best gear is dropped from the hardest and strongest mobs in the game, or as a reward for completing the most difficult quests and challenges, as well as for completing dungeons and raids.
  • Even a successful victory is not a 100% guarantee of getting the right item. Most rare items have a 1% drop chance.
  • Even if you managed to get the desired gear, the level of that gear may not reach the desired number.

As a result, gearing is one of the most difficult processes in World of Warcraft. Finding the right subject can be almost a full-fledged job, and this job is not always enjoyable. That is why CakeBoost is pleased to present a wide variety of WoW Gear Boost services. On our site you can buy WoW gear directly from the best players. Our professional boosters will gear items of a selected item level as quickly as possible.  

Why Can You Trust Our Shadowlands Gear Item Level Boost Services? 

A wide selection, security guarantee and low prices are our main advantages over competitors. Each WoW gear boost offered in our store is a guarantee of a successful result. We managed to achieve a high level of quality for a number of reasons.

  • 24/7 online support is ready to answer any of your questions at any time. Our support team will conduct a detailed consultation on each of the offered Shadowlands ilvl carry service. Want to know how does Shadowlands Gear Boosting Works? Feel free to contact us at any time.
  • We only hire professional World of Warcraft players. Our boosters know everything about the game and have spent not months, but years of their time in it. You buy Shadowlands Gearing service which is made by the best WoW gamers.
  • We managed to achieve the lowest possible cost for the gearing service thanks to the refined process of its execution.
  • Security of your account is our top priority during gearing boosts. Our players never use any illegal software like cheats or bots. Additionally, professional VPN services are being used in order to fully protect your account during gearing boosting. 

For these reasons, CakeBoost has successfully established itself in the boosting services market and has become one of the most popular stores trusted by players around the world.

What Shadowlands Gear Item Level Boost Can You Purchase on CakeBoost?

We are happy to provide you with a wide variety of Shadowlands gearing services. Most of the services presented here have additional options that make boosting more flexible and suitable for different tasks.

Shadowlands Gear Item Level Boost - this is, simultaneously, the most basic and the most popular service in the gearing category. Our professional boosters will find you a full set of desired gear with a desired iLvL as quickly as possible. You can choose from 200 iLvl up to the maximum 240 iLvl. 

Shadowlands Mythic+ Gear Boost - completion of Mythic+ dungeons in Shadowlands is one of the most difficult activities this game can offer. Yet, everytime you complete a Mythic+ run you have a chance of obtaining rarest gear.  With help of our professional boosters, you will get a full set of such gear for a cheap price. 

Sanctum of Domination Normal Full Gear - Sanctum of Domination is one of the new raids added to the game in Shadowlands expansion. Similar to other raids, this one is very difficult to complete even for the skillful players. Yet, completion of Sanctum of Domination is rewarded with one of the best gear in the whole game. A full set of such gear can be obtained with the help of CakeBoost as quickly as possible. 

Sanctum of Domination Heroic Full Gear - in many means this service is pretty similar to the previous one. Its’ main task remains the same - completion of the raid in order to get you best gear in the game. However, by buying this service you will get a completion of the raid on Heroic difficulty. Gear for such an achievement will be even more prestigious. 

Sanctum of Domination Mythic Full Gear - we bet you have already guessed what this service is all about. Same completion of Sanctum of Domination, but now on highest, Mythic difficulty. Challenge for the bravest heroes of Azeroth, or just another day in the office for our boosters. You will get a full set of Mythic gear as an additional “bonus”!

If you feel that you have completed the process of gearing your character and are now ready for any challenge this game can give you, why not order WoW Season of Mastery Gear Boost for a Classic version of the game too?