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WoW Powerleveling Boost

Powerleveling WoW SL 1-60, 50-60 boosts can allow you to cut out the most tedious and frustrating grinds in the game and skip to the parts of Shadowlands you enjoy. CakeBoost offers a versatile range of services in this area, from leveling up characters to unlocking locations and farming faction reputations. By relying on our professional boosters, you can get to the endgame at your own pace, quickly and stress-free.

WoW Powerleveling Boost

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SL meets players with a level downgrade: Players who reach level 120 in the BFA get level 50 as soon as they step onto the SL. If you haven’t reached level 120, your level will also go down. The maximum level is now 60, just like in good old school WoW. To mitigate the frustration of lowering the level, the developers made sure that players receive a worthy reward for each new level.

Once you reach level 60 (max in SL), you will have access to the Covenant campaign, raids, dungeons, and more. You will have access to exciting new content and will be prepared to take on any challenge that SL is ready to throw at you.

CakeBoost provides a full range of services to level up your character. Order service for recruiting a certain number of levels (from 1 to 60), or service for recruiting the final 10 levels (50-60) with the ability to choose the optimal speed of order execution. Thanks to the vast experience and professionalism of each of our Boosters, as well as the transparency of the order fulfillment process and an individual approach, you significantly save the time required to achieve the required level.

SL Powerleveling. Get the required number of levels in no time. You can choose the number of levels you would like to add to your current level. Thanks to the extensive experience of our staff, your character will develop to the required level quickly and without time-consuming, which will allow you to focus on those aspects of the game that are really interesting to you. A great option for players who want to start the game as a new character.

SL 50-60 Custom Powerleveling. The most difficult part of the "ladder of development" is the 50-60 level segment, which will require more time and effort than the first 50. Reaching level 60 opens access to the main content, such as Raids, Dungeons, Campaigns, etc. Therefore, it is so important to give players the opportunity not to waste time in this area and to start a full-fledged SL exploration as soon as possible. For the maximum comfort of our clients, we provide the opportunity to choose the optimal execution speed: Standard, Fast, and Ultra.

SL Campaign Completion. Complete passage of the Campaign, step by step, with the preservation of all resources and items received by your character during the execution of the order.

In addition to the classic Leveling services, CakeBoost team also offers a number of services to increase the level of other game aspects, as well as fast and efficient farming of various resources:

SL Reputations. Improve your reputation with any available Covenant as quickly and efficiently as possible. Under our guidance, your character will perform all the necessary actions consistently and flawlessly, which will allow you to quickly and reliably increase your reputation level while saving time.

SL Professions. Master any profession or increase your skill level to gain independence in terms of obtaining resources, crafting, creating consumables, etc. We provide services to improve the level of proficiency in any of the available SL professions.

SL Legendaries Craft. Your character will create a Legendary item that will become a desirable acquisition for any player. By choosing a service of this category, you significantly reduce the time required to receive Legendaries, since, under the guidance of our PRO Boosters, you will complete all actions consistently and accurately.

SL Freed Souls Craft. You can get the required amount of another unique resource of the SL, Freed Souls. The main use of this resource as a currency is not yet clear, however, obtaining this resource is associated with the release of souls during the passage of Torghast Tower.

We guarantee the quality of each service: from the moment of its development to the final result. Only handmade, verified by boosters and applying a full range of security measures. Learn more about our Privacy Policy.