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WoW PvE Boosts

PvE WoW SL boosts cover a wide range of services in Shadowlands, including profession skill leveling, reputation farming, and endgame content unlocks such as Torghast, Tower of the Damned. With the help of CakeBoost’s professional players, your progress through the expansion’s content can be smooth and easy, granting you access to its most interesting and valuable rewards without any effort on your part.

WoW PvE Boosts

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PvE has always been one of the outstanding features of the World of Warcraft, the quality of the content of which being one of the crucial advantages. With the novel expansion “WoW Shadowlands” the in-game experience goes even further providing you with an opportunity to join one of the covenants, to pick any profession you want, to explore the Tower of the Damned and a lot more.

As we can never repeat too often CakeBoost is always there to help you. To help you become one of the most furious players throughout the playfield. Here are represented different services that our pro coaches are ready to deliver any time you want. We warrant the highest quality standards for the services, so as the top rate efficacy.

Almost all pieces of the PvE content of the new patch revolve around those covenants that the player may choose. At the 60th level, you are to select 1 out of 4 renown covenants: Night Fae, Necrolords, Kyrian and Venthyr. You should opt between them wisely with regard to the character’s class and spec, as they may assist you extensively. Our highly qualified experts have analyzed all possible circumstances, recommend you the following: in case your character is a Death Knight, Shaman or Warrior choose Venthyr; if it is a Hunter, Demon Hunter, Monk, Priest, Rogue, or Warlock choose Kyrian; if the Char is a Druid or Paladin, select Kyrian or Night Fae; and for your Mage select Night Fae.

Furthermore, you may change your covenant at any time, but mind that if you have never been on that covenant before, no issues may occur, but when you have been on it with your max level, you should pass some quests so that the covenant accepted you anew.

Among other benefits the covenant being joined may vest you with is a reputation (same for both the Alliance and Horde) even beyond of the exalted. Generally, the Ascended, Wild Hunt, Undying Army, and Court of Harvesters reputations are obtained once the exalted has been reached. The Ascended Reputation rewards a player with some Ascended supplies. Such supplies are obtained every time 10 000 reputation points are gained.

Another reputation, that is the Wild Hunt, is rewarded to the player as to the attainment of the Paragon reputation with the Night Fae. Undying Army reputation is determined as one of the neutral factions, the quartermaster of which is located at the Theater of Pain in the zone of Maldraxxus (if you have Necrolords as a covenant, the vendor is inside the Theater, if you are not, the vendor will be outside). Court of Harvesters in the WoW’s Shadowlands expansion, just like the Ascended reputation, provide each player with the award for every 10 000 reputation points.

The amazing new expansion has offered us a range of new possibilities, including that of the profession that may be chosen now. This is of vital importance, as you may opt between any professions irrespectively of what kind or type of profession your character had before due to the fact that all players are to start with the 1st level, the so-called “Shadowlands”. Also, note that the highest level differs from one profession to another.

Tower of the Damned, being another location out of many of the brand-new world of shadows, is a tower, which is located at the heart of The Maw. It is there that the Jailor retains most of the souls. When conquering this Tower of Torghast you may play solo or as a group of up to 5 people, but mind that the health of the enemies will change as to the number of groupmates. In case you are lucky enough to pass all the challenges of this place, you will have a right to create and upgrade the Legendary items (for example, this is the only way to obtain the Soul Ash, that is to say, a rare power source).

Finally, the Pathfinder that has become one of the beloved ways of transportation for all or at least most of the Azeroth citizens will be relevant for the Shadowlands as well, but now this achievement may be unlocked in a different way than before. You have to go to the Maw and rescue those souls or collect Anima in the world. Still, it remains a weekly objective.