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Torghast Tower Boost

Torghast WoW SL boosts offer a simple and efficient way to profit from the Shadowlands’ innovative roguelike dungeon without having to deal with its challenges and frustrations more than you want. CakeBoost’s professional players can unlock all parts of this dungeon very quickly. You can then run it yourself or entrust our team with farming the dungeon for you, acquiring unique rewards such as the resources needed for creating Legendary weapons.

Torghast Tower Boost

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Torghast, the Tower of the Damned is the newest PvE format containing a ton of unique content with a branched structure, multi-faceted mechanics, powerful Bosses, valuable resources, rewards and much, much more. Torghast has become a focal point for many of the storylines in SL: you don't just get there as the storyline progresses. Here you get access to unique resources, as well as the creation of Legendary weapons - something that many players around the world have been waiting for the return.

This Meta-Dungeon is innovative in many ways, primarily, of course, due to its structure, which not only amazes with its diversity (6 wings, Twisting corridors, layers, floors, etc.): it is especially noteworthy that Torghast is a constantly dynamically generated dungeon. Thus, the player cannot perform 2 identical Runs, which significantly increases the rates.

We offer services for opening new Layers in any of the Wings, up to the full opening of all 8 Layers. We also provide full accompaniment for the flawless Torghast Dungeon Run on any difficulty level. Your character will receive a lot of useful Loot, new valuable resources, such as Freed Souls that increase the level of respect from the Covenants or Soul Ash needed to create a Legendary weapon. Your character will keep all the resources, loot, and rewards earned while at Torghast with CakeBoost.

Each of the services presented is aimed at rapid and significant improvement of the required aspects and positions with minimal loss of time and at a favorable low price. Detailed information about each of the services can be found on the Services’ individual webpage.