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WoW RBG Boost

Rated Battleground WoW SL 1800/2100/2400/HotA boosts will help you progress in this team-focused format of Shadowlands PvP, earning Honor and other rewards such as titles and gear. With CakeBoost’s services, you won’t have to depend on possibly unreliable or unskilled players for your victory in the Battlegrounds. Depending on your choice, our professional boosters can either support you in battle or score the necessary amount of victories on your behalf.

WoW RBG Boost

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Battlegrounds in WoW is an integral part of the classic PvP format. Basically, Battlegrounds (BG) are special zones where massive battles take place between two teams from 10 to 40 players. For participating in such battles, players receive Honor, which moves them up the hierarchical ladder of the PvP rating. The rating and Honor Points you earned on BG give you access to special items and awards. This is a gambling format that motivates not only with a prestigious award but also with lively competition: at the end of each season, the best players on the rating battlegrounds are awarded an epic land Mount.

CakeBoost provides full informed support in obtaining the required number of SL RBG Wins or Rating Points. With the involvement of professional boosters, you will dramatically reduce the time and effort required to make tangible progress. You will be better prepared for the challenges this format contains; you can also significantly increase your position in the rating or increase the current level of the Weekly Rating / Honor cap with minimal investment of time and money.

You will be able to take part in the battle on BG in the ranks of a highly professional team of players, get the necessary skills, practical and informational support. You will be able to appreciate every special aspect of BG that makes this format special. We are also coaching teams that want to improve their RBG performance and increase their position in the PvP Global rating.

Each of the services presented is aimed at rapid and significant improvement of the required aspects and positions with minimal loss of time and at a favorable low price. Detailed information about each of the services can be found on the Services’ individual webpage.