Castle Nathria Raid Boost: Buy Best Price Carry with Boosting Service CakeBoost

Castle Nathria Raid Boost

Castle Nathria Raid boosts allow you to make sure that you can get the most out of Shadowlands’ first raid. All the benefits of completing the raid – from items and currencies to achievements and Covenant renown – are on the table. You can complete runs yourself with the help of CakeBoost’s professional player team, or simply let our boosters take care of everything for you, quickly and reliably.

Castle Nathria Raid Boost

Buy Castle Nathria Raid Boost

Raids are one of the foundational pillars of MMORPG and WoW in particular, so SL players will have a ton of new Raid PvE content. Castle Nathria is a raid for a squad of 10-30 players, during which you must eliminate 10 unique bosses, each of which has its own unique peculiar mechanics. In general, the raid has great potential to surprise even the most sophisticated player. The intricate architecture of a dark raid, powerful bosses that require the ability to concentrate and quickly adapt to a rapidly changing combat situation, an amazing final boss Sire Denathrius, interesting mobs and Adds, worthy rewards and useful items, and much more. CN is the first raid available to players since WoW SL launch. 

In order to be successful in clearing a CN raid, the player must take care of a lot of things: first, it is necessary to attend to the search for a suitable squad, which in itself can become a time-consuming task, especially for solo players; secondly, you need to prepare your equipment, acquire a set of armor, which will allow you to significantly increase your survival rate and provide a decent projection; thirdly, even if you find a suitable squad, you have the necessary equipment, and are confident in your own strengths, you are never insured against unsuccessful attempts, and you will never receive a guarantee of gaining especially valuable items due to competition within the team. 

CakeBoost got you covered: on this page you will find a full range of services for completing the CN Raid in WoW SL. Choosing any service, you get a 100% guarantee of the result: without errors and delays, promptly, efficiently. You can learn more about existing CN services. For comprehensive information visit the individual service pages below. 

CN Normal, CN Heroic, CN Mythic Loot Run: Take part in the passage of CN on any available difficulty level in the ranks of a squad consisting of our verified pro boosters. As a result, you will get a lot of useful items for various purposes and values. You can choose the optimal number of Traders in order to get the maximum amount of useful Loot. 

CN Single Boss Kill: Get a flawless and effective kill from 1 to 10 bosses that you will encounter in CN. You get quick kills on even the most difficult bosses with quality assurance. 

CN Single Item: the service is aimed at obtaining a specific item that drops from CN Bosses. Thanks to this service, you get rid of the factor of competition and get an item with excellent performance immediately. 

Sire Denathrius (CN Final Boss) Normal, Heroic, Mythic kill: This service is specially designed so that players can take advantage of professional help in killing the most powerful Boss of the CN. We guarantee its flawless elimination on any of the available difficulty levels. 

CN pre-raid Gear: in order to show decent performance in Raid, the player must be 100% confident in the quality of his equipment. Thanks to this service, you get BiS (Best In Slot) Armor Set, which will increase your survivability and calmly go to conquer the CN. 

CN Normal Gear, CN Heroic Gear, Mythic Gear: get a full set of CN armor on any of the available difficulty levels. You will not only get rid of the competition for specific items but also significantly save the time required to assemble a complete set. Traditionally, raid armor is one of the most prestigious in the game, so it will be a useful purchase for both PvP adepts and PvE fans. 

Glory of the CN Raider: Earn a prestigious meta-achievement that shows your prowess and effort. You will also receive a unique Mount.