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Torghast Boost

Torghast WoW SL boosts offer a simple and efficient way to profit from the Shadowlands’ innovative roguelike dungeon without having to deal with its challenges and frustrations more than you want. CakeBoost’s professional players can unlock all parts of this dungeon very quickly. You can then run it yourself or entrust our team with farming the dungeon for you, acquiring unique rewards such as the resources needed for creating Legendary weapons.

Torghast Boost

Why Should You Buy Torghast Boost Service from CakeBoost? 

For more than ten years, World of Warcraft has managed to completely conquer the MMORPG market and become the sole leader of the genre. The sheer amount of content offered by this game was one of the main reasons why this game was able to become the most popular in the world. Of course, the release of each of the add-ons became a huge event in the world of video games. Shadowlands was no exception. The new expansion brought hundreds of hours of new content to the game. In the lands of dead souls, players will find thousands of new quests, dozens of new dungeons, and several major raids. The raids and dungeons that are already available to players are considered some of the most difficult in the history of World of Warcraft. A variety of gameplay elements, high requirements for skills and knowledge of tactics and strategies in every dungeon and every raid - all this made the content of Shadowlands one of the most interesting, but at the same time the most time-consuming and nervous in WoW.

It can be easily said that among a dozen different instances in Shadowlands, Torghast is the most interesting for players (after, of course, raids). Tower of the Damned is a unique type of dungeon for World of Warcraft, never seen before in any of the previous expansions. The challenges offered by Torghast are absolutely unique, and the process of completing them is extremely different from everything that was in the game before. Moreover, each playthrough of Torghast will be different from each other. The reason for this variety is the randomization of each of the Tower of the Damned stages. This means that at each of the stages of Torghast, the set of obstacles, enemies and items will be random, and the layout of the floors themselves will also be random.

In the end, Torghast is not only an interesting dungeon, but also a constant source of rare rewards: gear, items, various equipment and collectibles can be obtained for successfully completing Torghast. Moreover, Torghast is the only method of obtaining Soul Ash - a special in-game currency that is used to craft and upgrade the legendary equipment.

However, things are not as simple as they seem at first glance. Even unlocking the Tower of the Damned is associated with a number of difficulties and problems. The dungeon itself is not easy either. 

  • Preparing for Torghast takes a lot of time. Before participating in this rogue-like dungeon, you need to complete a series of special quests that open up access to the Tower of the Damned. In this case, you must reach the maximum level 60 and select the Covenant.
  • Even after the unlock of Torghast, players need to go through several challenges and fulfill several conditions, after which new layers-floors of the Tower of the Damned will open.
  • New gameplay mechanics require a new approach. Standard tactics that work in regular WoW dungeons in Torghast will not work. Inevitably, you will have to spend time studying many different guides and tutorials.
  • With each new floor, this instance becomes more and more complex. Hostile mobs become stronger, and the duration of the floors themselves significantly increases.

This is why CakeBoost is ready to offer various Torghast carry boosting services that will help you to complete anything related to the Tower of the Damned dungeon. Together with our professional boosters you will successfully overcome any obstacle and obtain the rarest rewards from this unique but difficult Shadowlands dungeon. 

Why Can You Trust Torghast Carry Boosting Services from CakeBoost? 

Today there are many different shops offering their boosting services. It's easy to get lost in such a variety. That is why we want to tell you in detail about the advantages of CakeBoost in comparison with other stores.

  • 24/7 online support is always ready to help you! Our team is ready to answer any of your questions, conduct a detailed consultation and choose the most suitable Torghast boosting service.
  • The security of your account is our top priority. Our boosters never use any kind of cheats and bots or any other prohibited software. Additional protection is achieved by using a VPN service that protects your account from being banned.
  • We only hire professionals. Our boosters have performed Torghast dozens of times already. They know all the necessary tactics and tricks that significantly reduce the time required to complete. Thanks to this, we managed to achieve the lowest possible price for our boosting services.

Considering all of the listed reasons, you can buy Torghast Boost right now! Just choose the necessary service and place an order. Our booster will be immediately assigned to your task and begin the execution of the service. You will be able to monitor your progress at any given time.

What Torghast Carry Services Can You Buy at CakeBoost? 

On our site you will find various boosting services that will help you quickly cope with any challenges that await your hero in the Tower of the Damned. You can quickly unlock all available layers, go through the dungeon the required number of times and get countless different rewards, equipment, Soul Ash and even a chance to get the rarest mount - Corridor Creeper.

Torghast tower carry - this is the main service presented in the Torghast category. Our professional boosters will complete Torghast Tower of the Damned as many times as you order for a cheap price. In additional options you will find such boosting services like unlocking of Twisting Corridors, completion of weekly cap layers, or even an unlock of the Corridor Creeper mount. The main advantage of this mount is that it is the only mount you can use in the Maw, and this is the main reason why it is very rare and difficult to unlock. 

Torghast Layers Boost -  Torghast consists of a maximum 12 layers. Same amount of layers can be unlocked for Twisting Corridors. This boost will help you to quickly open any amount of layers for a low price.