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WoW Mounts Boost

Mount WoW SL boosts allow you to obtain the most appealing mounts in World of Warcraft without spending any time or effort. CakeBoost offers an extensive selection of boosts for mounts from Shadowlands and earlier content, many of which have very complex unlock requirements but make up for it with their unique aesthetics. Our professional boosters will acquire the desired mounts for you as swiftly as possible.

WoW Mounts Boost

About Carry Offers

Carry services for World of Warcraft is a way to receive bonuses, trophies, loot and more without playing the game yourself. It’s a known fact that WoW can be an awful grinding experience at times. The rewards are still terrific in most content patches, and mounts may be among the best cosmetic rewards you may receive.

To gain high-tier mounts, players often have to go through repetitive or challenging activities. It’s time-consuming, which means you either reserve weeks for the process or delegate it to someone. The latter requires you to buy a paid booster, transfer the WoW character to a skilled professional and wait until the process is finished.

WoW offers a lot of mounts right now. Some of the more desirable ones include event mounts, rare creatures and others. The requirements are unique for each of these, thus different pricing. You can’t just buy these, you need to earn them: an average process takes several weeks for a professional (or even a team of them). The actual service can vary for a dungeon completion to a reputation booster. The exact details are always negotiated first.

What Can I Get With WoW Mount Carry Service?

By purchasing the booster service for a World of Warcraft mount, you sign up for a potentially lengthy period of time, during which all the requirements needed to receive the mount are being met. As such, you can claim rewards, such as:

There is a huge catalog of creatures you can receive contemporary, and that roster is updated as soon as new rewards are added into the game. In each offer, you’re told precisely the type and quality of mount you’re getting and what it takes to claim this reward. Therefore, the shopping isn’t that hard, all the details are there. Just make sure that you know what WoW mount you need, and that your character meets all the requirements. The typical requirements are: access to expansion/area/dungeon/raid, character level & item level. Be sure to do your homework before signing up for an upgrade.

Why Should You Choose Cakeboost?

Cakeboost is a respectable WoW boosting provider. It’s a transparent service with competitive prices and an earned reputation. Over 1500 content users left good reviews on us online. The full experience is rather enjoyable, in general, and here’s why:

  • The payment can be conducted in USD & EUR;
  • There are several widespread e-payment systems, including crypto options;
  • You can select one of 5 communication methods to keep in touch with your carry boosters (including Discord);
  • The whole experience is transparent, and you’ll stay constantly updated;
  • The service is carried out by professionals, so it doesn’t take too long;
  • Every detail is hammered out and negotiated, the service is very flexible;
  • It’s easy to contact support to ask questions or terminate the arrangement at any time.

In short, buying WoW mounts is a flexible experience. Depending on what mode of communication you choose, a special chat will be set up specifically for you. If it’s Discord, there’s going to be a whole server, created for this purpose. A current booster will always be there to talk to you, and you can even request the stream to know exactly what happens in the game. The WoW carry services generally take a while, meaning you must get comfortable. Everything is done to make this lengthy interaction as simple for you as possible.

How Do WoW Mount Boosting Services Work?

Most WoW mount boosting offers are piloted, in which the booster carries the burden fully. It requires customers to submit their character so that the boosters could get the rewards with that character. Some are self-play, if the mount requires dungeons or raids, but it’s still the same sequence: order, payment, monitoring.

  • Order details. First, you need to select the WoW mount you want boosted. You can specify the currency and the quantity, but there are sometimes additional options, depending on the circumstances. After specifying the details, add the service to your shopping card and click on the corresponding icon in the top right corner.
  • Service details. This will open the order menu. Here, fill out some details, such as your personal information (e-mail, full name, country), your WoW character information, preferred method of communication (Discord, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber or Telegram), any promocode you may have & e-payment method (Stripe, Unitpay, Fondy, Coinbase or PaymentWall).
  • Getting in touch. After being submitted, the details will be processed for a short spell. If everything’s in order, a representative of Cakeboost will contact you via the email you provided. They’ll transfer the details you need to kick-start the actual service, including the link to a newly-created chat where you can discuss the nuances.
  • Monitoring. It’s essential that you monitor the boosting progress by receiving constant reports and maybe even going beyond that. If you wish so, you can ask for a live stream of the game. It’s not only essential for your better awareness, but also to make sure everything is proceeding according to your wishes. If there’s a mistake, you should point it out.

Buy WoW Mounts Boost Right Now

If you buy WoW mounts online on Cakeboost, you can count on additional bonuses that all active customers are entitled to. They manifest in a form of discounts, both personal and platform-wise. If you mean to save money while also enjoying the services, the best choice is to just start buying, and here’s why.

  • Regular discounts. Cakeboost arranges regular discounts. You don’t have to do anything to take part in such an offer. You only need to keep a lookout for boost offers sold at a discount currently. You can also subscribe to a website newsletter to receive updates about current offers onto your mail.
  • Personal discounts. Each time you spend money on Cakeboost, such as on WoW mount boosts, you’re awarded a number of ‘coins’. These are bonus points, essentially. They are redeemable for personal discounts, up to 50% on a specific WoW product. As such, you can save money by spending money. It’s important, as some of these mounts are quite expensive and hard to get. The coins are stored on your account as a sort of loyalty system, but it’s a bit deeper than that. If you’d like to know more, you can view the rulebook on them on the dedicated page.
  • Referral cashback. There is a cashback, obtained by inviting another use over to Cakeboost via a personal referral link. The bonus amounts to 10% off the first purchase (counting from the moment your friend made their first deposit). The rules are a bit more extensive, and you can just as much read them here.
  • Promocodes. Promotional codes can provide additional bonuses. A code can be applied to a whole order, which can include several services. You can insert one in the cart menu, into a dedicated text box. These bonus codes can be found all over the place. For instance, you can be provided with one for subscribing to the newsletter.

FAQ Mount Services

Q: Can I Buy WoW Mounts?

A: The mounts are generally sold all over the place in WoW. It’s the more valuable, unique creatures that need working for. In fact, even some of these unique mounts have to be bought – sometimes not with gold, but with reputation points. For instance, Court Sinrunner needs exalted standing with the Court of Harvesters. The solution to completing WoW mounts carry services directly influences the expected time of completion and pricing of a service.

Q: Can I Get New Mounts in WoW? 

A: New WoW expansions and content patches often add unique mounts, like Corridor Creeper added in 9.0.1. If the new content patch includes such a reward, it’s usually a matter of time before it can be boosted on Cakeboost. After all, the optimal boosting routes need to be thoroughly explored if you want the rewards as quickly as possible.  So, you likely won’t be able to receive one right after the new WoW expansion drops. But wait a bit, and they’ll be available. 

Q: How Do WoW Boosts Work?

A: In this case, you delegate the WoW character to an experienced professional who can earn the mount in the shortest time possible. They’ve typically done these activities before, and that means they know all the shortcuts and requirements. After some time (it can vary from 1 day to 1 month), they’ll receive the reward and relinquish the character. Depending on the mount, the experience can vary from quests to dungeons to raids to reputation grinding, which means the exact details also vary.

Q: How Much Does a WoW Boost Cost?

A: It depends on two factors: difficulty & time. Some reins only need a certain reputation level with a faction in WoW world, which implies long grinding. These can cost around $100 dollars, but it varies. However, some mounts require an absolutely completed dungeon. It’s more challenging, but also shorter and typically pricier.  Some WoW mounts require difficult achievements or unique activities with unpredictable or very long ETAs. These are generally the most expensive, with prices starting as $500.