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Buy WoW Shadowlands (SL) All Allied Races Unlock Boost Carry Service

Buy WoW Shadowlands (SL) All Allied Races Unlock Boost Carry Service

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Zandalari Troll
Kul Tiran Human
Lightforged Draenei Unlock
Highmountain Tauren Unlock
Nightborne Unlock
Dark Iron Dwarf
Vulpera Horde
Mag’har Orc
Void Elf
Rewards and description

Our professional players will help you not only complete the desired Allied race but also coach you how you should behave in all encounters. Learn all tips and tricks for your class from real game gurus.

Buy Unlock Allied Races Boost Carry Service


​​​​​​​The world of Azeroth is filled with many allied races. Each of them has unique characteristics and abilities. However, in order to be able to create a character belonging to one of the allied races, you will need to complete quite a few quest tasks. If you want to get the desired unlocks quickly and effortlessly, use our service "Unlock Allied Races Boost".

You will get:

  • Nightborne: Insurrection! achieve and Nightborne Manasaber mount;

  • Void Elf: You Are Now Prepared! achieve and Starcursed Voidstrider mount;

  • Lightforged Draenei: You Are Now Prepared! achieve and Lightforged Felcrusher mount;

  • Highmountain Tauren: Ain’t No Mountain High Enough! achieve and Highmountain Thunderhoof mount;

  • Zandalari Trolls: Zandalar Forever! achieve and Zandalari Direhorn mount;

  • Vulpera: Secrets of the Sands! achieve and Caravan Hyena mount;

  • Dark Iron Dwarf: Ready for War! achieve and Dark Iron Core Hound mount;

  • Kul Tiran Human: A Nation United! achieve and Kul Tiran Charger mount;

  • Mechagnome: The Mechagonian Threat! achieve and Mechagon Mechanostrider mount;

  • Mag'har Orc: Ready for War! achieve and Mag'har Direwolf mount

ETA: 1-2 days for each race

To avoid wasting your time and energy proving their suitability, you can let the professionals from CakeBoost team take all the care of this routine part of the game upon themselves. Buy Shadowlands All Allied Races Unlock Boost Service by CakeBoost and get a 100% guarantee of achieving the successful result fast and without problems. To complete each order, we individually select a professional executive Booster who is thoroughly familiar with the features of the Race and Class of your character. Each of our employees is a verified professional and works under constant strict quality control by the company. The only requirement for you is that your character needs to be level 60.