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WoW Heritage Armor Boost

Main Races
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Worgen Heritage Armor
Tauren Heritage Armor
Gnome Heritage Armor
Blood Elf Heritage Armor
Dwarf Heritage Armor
Goblin Heritage Armor
Allied Races
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Dark Iron Dwarf
Highmountain Tauren
Kul Tiran Human
Lightforged Draenei
Mag'har Orc
Void Elf
Zandalari Troll
Rewards and description

Buy WoW Heritage Armor Boost

There are thousands of various collectibles in World of Warcraft Shadowlands. Of course, transmogrification is one of the most popular collectables categories right after mounts. Among all of the transmogrifications, Heritage Armor stands out as one of the most difficult transmogs to unlock.

Heritage Armor is a special set of rare gear that requires dozens of hours to be unlocked. Firstly, you need to unlock all of the allied races, completing long questlines and farming reputation points. After that you have to complete several more special quests. Finally, you will need to level up your allied race character, and only then you will be granted with Heritage Armor.  Yet, there is a way to make this process much quicker. Our professional boosters will unlock Heritage armor the moment you Buy WoW Heritage Armor Boost service from CakeBoost! With us, collecting any transmog is as easy as possible.



  • 1 - 3 days for 1 character

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