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WoW Arena Rating 3v3 2v2 Boost

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WoW Arena Rating 3v3 2v2 Boost
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  • 3v3
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Rewards and description

Buy WoW Arena Rating 2v2 3v3 Boost

Rated Arena is the main ranked PvP mode in Shadowlands. By going up in rating, players can gain acclaim, titles, currencies for buying PvP gear, and various cosmetic rewards. The Arena is a highly competitive environment. To prevail there, players need to attain true mastery of character abilities and teamwork.

Buy WoW Arena Rating 2v2 3v3 Boost and you will assuredly reach the desired rating. Our boosters can fight alongside you or take over, completing matches without your participation until the goal has been reached.


RankRatingEnd of Match ilvlWeekly Chest ilvlGear Rewards



Bracer, Belt, Cloak


1600-1799233246Gloves, Legs, Boots


1800-2099240253Helm, Shoulder, Chest



Weapon Enchantment


Gladiator Mount (After 50 wins)


  • depends on the selected range

Arena Rating WoW SL 1800/2100/2400/Gladiator boosts will help you climb in rank in the Shadowlands Arena and acquire rewards ranging from PvP gear to exclusive seasonal mounts and titles. Buying those boosts from CakeBoost will free you from the uncertainty that comes with having to rely on strangers or casual players in your team. Our professional boosters can raise your rating and farm Honor points for you, or else provide you with dependable support in the Arena.

What Is a Shadowlands Arena Boost?

The Arena is one of two main PvP modes in World of Warcraft Shadowlands. In an Arena match, two teams of either two or three players fight each other in a closed-off area. The battle is to the death or until a timer runs out. There are unrated and rated Arena matches in WoW. Victories in the latter allow you to gain rating. As you progress in rating, you will obtain higher ranks, titles, and other rewards. You will also earn currencies needed to purchase and upgrade Shadowlands PvP gear. You can buy WoW Arena rating boost to smoothen out this process. There are other, related carry services that would help you excel in all areas of WoW PvP.

Why Should You Buy Arena Rating Boost from CakeBoost?

Arena carries Shadowlands to enable players like yourself to enjoy this WoW mode more by removing many of its frustrations. For instance:

  • The average player may find it difficult to engage with the high-skill activity that is rated Arena. Victory and rating progress require an understanding of mechanics and capacity for tactics. Even WoW veterans may struggle with it due to gameplay differences and frequent changes to classes. The Shadowlands meta has already changed a lot since launch. However, boosters can get you up to speed quickly;
  • You need a strong team to raise your rating reliably. Even if you know skilled and interested WoW PvP enthusiasts, scheduling matches and coordinating strategies with casual players can be a challenge in itself. Professional boosters are guaranteed to know Arena inside out, and they will definitely show up for your scheduled carries;
  • Arena rating progress also depends on having the right equipment. WoW PvP gear comes with a high cost in hard-to-earn currencies (Honor and Conquest, reintroduced in Shadowlands). Depending on the carry service chosen, boosters can earn those resources for you or pick the items you will need themselves;
  • The rating climb itself can be one of the most discouraging experiences in Shadowlands. If you have fully mastered the Arena, many of your fights will seem tedious and unstimulating. If you are struggling with it, you may encounter many setbacks. Any defeat will lower your rating. That could be very frustrating, because the process is already lengthy and time-consuming. It may even put your rating goal out of your reach for the season. After you buy a rating carry, that will no longer be something for you to worry about.

You may find many service options when searching for World of Warcraft Arena carry. Yet some of these carry choices are much better than others. Getting a WoW Arena boost for gold may seem tempting at first, but it is rarely an improvement on picking random players. There is no way to guarantee the quality of such a service. Instead, you can buy an Arena boost WoW Shadowlands service for real money from several companies. Such professional carries present a significantly higher chance of satisfaction. Our service possesses several important advantages over the competition:

  1. A pool of tested, experienced WoW Shadowlands players. Each of them has their own specialization. That allows us to assign the most suitable booster to each carry. Our Arena boosters are closely familiar with the mode and the latest Shadowlands meta, ensuring an optimal service;
  2. Professional customer service for each carry. You may reach out to our customer support team at any time over multiple communication channels. They could consult you on your order or suggest carries or rating goals that are suitable for your needs;
  3. Reasonable prices compared to the general WoW boost market. We try to keep our carries as cheap as possible without sacrificing service quality. You might also win out on price by using our special carry offers and regular customer discounts. 

How Does Our WoW Arena Boost Service Work?

The process of getting an Arena carry WoW Shadowlands service is pretty simple:

  • Find the desired boost in the Shadowlands Arena carries section of our shop catalog;
  • Make sure you meet the requirements and select the desired service options. Feel free to consult with the support team through the site chat. Note that your starting rating may affect availability and price;
  • Click the “buy” button to move the boost to the shopping cart;
  • Confirm the boost along with any other carries, and choose your preferred payment and communication methods;
  • Our support team will contact you to work out the details of your service, such as the play schedule;

Show up on time for the selfplay or Arena coaching boost. Otherwise, just relax and wait for the booster to complete the specified service and release your account. You will be able to monitor boost progress through chat messages or request a free stream of the carry.

What Are Your Arena Boost Shadowlands Options?

Our service offers a number of Arena carries WoW options for Shadowlands. Our basic services range from rating carries to farming carries. The carries may be divided into several groups:

  • The standard 2v2 WoW Arena Boost or 3v3 WoW Arena Boost. You can specify a target rating or a desired number of wins for the carry;
  • The Gladiator title boost, which can secure the highest PvP achievement of the current Shadowlands season, regardless of your rating starting point;
  • The PvP gear carry, which will give you a full set of PvP equipment at the desired item level;
  • Currency farm carries that let you earn up to the maximum possible amount of ordinary Honor, Conquest, or Honor from rating activities (the latter carry is used to unlock Great Vault rewards);
  • Mount farm carries for the Arena-exclusive Vicious War mounts. You can order a carry for the latest such mount, the saddle used to buy earlier mounts, or a bundle service for several mounts at once;
  • WoW Arena Coaching service, in which a coach will play along with you. They will teach you the ins and outs of the mode for the requested amount of time. You may ask for help with specific topics, such as the best Shadowlands builds for your class and specialization.

Virtually every one of these Shadowlands carries will offer you multiple extra service options. For example, you can request that the carry will get you past a specific minimum rating in addition to achieving the main goal. You may specify the Arena format for the carry if relevant. Most importantly, you can choose whether to get a piloted carry or a selfplay service. In piloted carries, everything is done without your input. In a selfplay carry, you play normally but receive in-game assistance from our boosters. Such a carry can be very educational in its own right.

Arena rating carries are just one side of our PvP carry offerings in Shadowlands. Check out our WoW PvP boost catalog for more cheap, high-quality carries. We offer carries for the other rating mode in Shadowlands, rated battlegrounds, under the WoW RBG boost subcategory. There you can buy RBG rating carry along the same principle as an Arena rating carry.


ETA of performance of services may be longer. Please read service requirements or contact our operators at Discord/Skype/Jivochat before purchasing.