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Black Temple Timewalking Boost
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The Black Temple is one of the old WoW raids that now is available as part of the Timewalking event. It is open only for one week during several months when the TMW event is happening. Completion of any raid in the game can be a difficult task, and Black Temple Timewalking is not an exception. You need to find a reliable team, and even with help of a quick instance finder this can be difficult, as raids require much more skill from players and much higher level of communication between them. Yet, with help from CakeBoost everything is possible. Buy Black Temple Timewalking Boost and our professional boosters will do everything necessary in order to complete this raid and grant you a chance to unlock Reins of the Infinite Timereaver that gives you one of the rarest mounts in the game. 



  • Contact our support about the raid schedule

What Is A WoW Black Temple Timewalking Raid Boost?

The recurring week-long timewalking events allow players to experience popular instances from previous World of Warcraft expansions at a unique level of difficulty. That involves scaling down both characters and items to make the legacy content just as challenging as anything more modern. It also offers a chance to acquire iconic loot from those instances at an item level that might make it viable in the Shadowlands campaign and the endgame. The Black Temple raid from Burning Crusade was a natural candidate for the timewalking treatment. Buy Black Temple Timewalking Boost from us, and you can profit from this mode without more effort than you are willing to commit.

Why Should You Buy Boosts from Us?

Although many players welcome its challenge, timewalking content can be difficult to get into. You must simultaneously get used to operating at lower power while figuring out the mechanics from much earlier in the game. Raids such as Black Temple compound the issue, as their mechanics are particularly unforgiving for the unprepared. They are also naturally longer, with Black Temple featuring nine encounters. Unlike timewalking dungeons, raids require a premade group. Black Temple can support ten to thirty players. You might not find a party with the right size and skill to finish the raid before the event ends. Buy a Black Temple timewalking boost, and that will no longer be a concern.

Today, you can buy World of Warcraft Black Temple Timewalking boosting services from multiple companies. Nonetheless, CakeBoost would surely be your best choice. Our own boost services date back to 2013 and include everything from raid completions to coach sessions. Thanks to this extensive experience, we were able to reach an international standard of excellence. Our timewalking services for WoW predate BfA, allowing you to benefit from a fine-tuned process. We can also offer the following advantages to those who would buy a Black Temple timewalking boost from our site:

  • Guaranteed safety. When you buy a service from us, we only request the bare minimum of details necessary for it to occur. Those details are shared with people working on your boost and no one else. If you buy a piloted boost, we will use cutting-edge HTTPS encryption and a VPN set to your location to ensure confidentiality. Our services are done by hand, without the involvement of bots, hacks, cheats, or other third-party services that could lead to your account being banned or stolen. Our employees will never discuss boost topics in chat;
  • Efficient communications. To ensure client satisfaction, we maintain a professional customer support team that may be reached through e-mail or site chat on a 24/7 basis. When you buy a boost, you could also pick Skype, Discord, Telegram, or WhatsApp as the communication method for boost support. Support team members can advise you on your Black Temple timewalking boost or any other carry you may wish to buy. They will respond quickly to any issues or questions that you may have. Issues that could not be addressed effectively on this level will be immediately forward to superiors or boosters as the situation requires;
  • Competitive prices. Our pricing policy calls for us to keep all services as cheap to buy as we can while still sustaining a high standard of quality. Furthermore, all prices are subject to return customer bonuses, special offers, and other discounts;
  • Professional boosters. Our employees are all pro players who have passed through rigorous vetting and possess considerable gaming expertise. Thanks to our deep talent pool, we can assign players to each boost according to their specific area of boosting expertise. You can be assured that all of those involved in your Black Temple timewalking run will be fully familiar with the raid’s mechanics, guaranteeing a quick and smooth completion.

What Can You Get From A Black Temple Timewalking Carry?

When you buy a Black Temple timewalking boost from us, you can choose to buy a piloted or a selfplay option. In the former case, a booster will play your character for you, joining a team of other boosters to play through the Black Temple timewalking raid with the utmost efficiency and speed. That way, you will not have to do anything until the raid is done. Alternately, you can buy a selfplay boost to play on your account. We will provide a team of boosters that will do their best to ensure a quick victory in this instance. You will not have to search for a party or rely on unpredictable strangers.

Please note that the Black Temple timewalking boost is only available during the Burning Crusade timewalking dungeon event.

Here are some of the rewards you can receive from a Black Temple timewalking raid:

  • Black Temple gear at an item lvl that depends on your character’s actual (non-downscaled) level and might equal the latest raid;
  • The Warglaives of Azzinoth (not a guaranteed drop). If you already have this legendary weapon on any character, defeating Illidan will yield a unique skin for it;
  • Various exclusive Black Temple collectibles such as transmogrification items and battle pets;
  • Several achievements (full or partial completion);
  • Timewarped Badges as rewards from the timewalking raid quest. You can use them to buy exclusive items from dedicated vendors. Prizes include toys, pets, mounts, and gear.

There are other Timewalking Boost services you can buy from us too. For a start, you can buy an Ulduar Timewalking boost during the Northrend timewalking dungeon event, with the same conditions and cost as the Black Temple boost. You may also buy a Timewalking Dungeons boost or Mythic+ Legion Dungeons boost to farm the latest timewalking dungeons for unique loot and more Timewarped Badges. You can also buy services for specific items related to this activity. Further services may be added as the mode continues to evolve.

How Does CakeBoost Work?

If you decide to buy a Black Temple timewalking boost from CakeBoost, just follow those instructions:

  • Select the Black Temple boost from the Shadowlands Timewalking Raids section of our shop catalog;
  • Make sure that you can meet the requirements, select the selfplay option if you wish, and press “buy”;
  • Confirm your order in the shopping cart, choose your communication method, and pay for the boost using Stripe, Unitpay, Paymentwall, Coinbase, or Fondy;
  • Wait for the support team to contact you and work out any remaining details such as your schedule or special requests;
  • Either wait until the piloted boost is finished or show up on time to play in the selfplay boost. You can ask for a free stream to check on the order’s progress if you buy the piloted option;
  • Remember to leave a review on TrustPilot! Community feedback is critical for us to improve our Black Temple timewalking and other carry services.