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Enlightened Brokers Reputation

Zereth Mortis Unlock
Neutral - Friendly
Friendly - Honored
Honored - Revered
Revered - Exalted
Rewards and description

Buy Enlightened Brokers Reputation

The Enlightened are the first of the reputation factions made available in Shadowlands 9.2. Their assistance will be invaluable as adventurers explore the new location. Improving your standing with them is necessary for you to uncover all of its secrets and lay claim to exclusive items such as highly distinctive armor. Use a boost to get the tedious reputation grind out of your way. Buy Enlightened Brokers Reputation carry service to raise your standing with those mysterious beings using utmost efficiency and speed. You could get a boost for any reputation level. The boosting process will definitely reinforce progress through the zone and gain some incidental rewards that count as part of the carry.



  • up to 6 weeks

Enlightened Brokers Boosting Service

Blizzard released a 9.2.0 patch for the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion earlier in the year. The patch is called ‘Eternity’s End’, and, besides other content, they also add a new area, called Zereth Mortis. It’s a home to several new factions, including the one in question, called The Enlightened Brokers (or just The Enlightened). This addition provides new quests and deeper lore, but what most players are looking for is probably heaps of unique loot. The Enlightened Brokers offer some, but much of the cool stuff requires you to have a high enough reputation with the Enlightened Brokers. And, like always, it means grinding.

Zereth Mortis is a new unlockable area, available in the Shadowlands expansion. Many activities there revolve around helping different new factions, and that includes The Enlightened Brokers. The Enlightened Brokers are magical robots, basically. They were brokers formerly, which is why they are called this way. Presently (in the current lore timeline), they are researchers, obsessed with uncovering old secrets. Many quests you do for The Enlightened Brokers require you to help them in this struggle, but sometimes it’s just about killing the mobs sprinkled all over the area. For it, you acquire reputation points, like with any other faction.

After reaching a certain level of reputation, you have a right to claim the reward from the quartermaster of the Enlightened Brokers, and that includes outstanding loot, such as unique mounts and some additional gear. But that means you have to work for it, because raising reputation with any fraction is not an easy task – it means grinding. Fortunately, there are services that can do quests for the Enlightened Brokers for you. Cakeboost offers you the following service – raise The Enlightened Brokers reputation for you, while you get to do something else with your life. Essentially, you delegate all the grinding to a professional that can achieve a required reputation tier much faster than most players in WoW.

It’s a lengthy process, even for pro players. It’s not too surprising, considering that you need at least 42,000 reputation points to achieve exalted from neutral in any fraction, including The Enlightened Brokers. The usual quest gives you 100 on average, and that means you need to complete a lot of these.

It’s a piloted carry service. It means that users need to give the characters that need reputation boosting to a professional. Until the task is complete, the character will be in their hands, although it’s nothing alarming. This sort of service is a common thing now and all our specialists are tried and tested. To get a boost, one needs to select the exact boost they need. It means selecting the progression from one reputation tier to the next: neutral -> friendly, friendly -> honored ->, honored -> revered, revered -> exalted. You can pick several upgrades simultaneously or make purchases piecemeal.

Enlightened Brokers Reputation Carry Service: How Does It Work?

To buy a boost and reap its rewards, follow these guidelines:

  • Select and order an exact upgrade you require;
  • Get in touch with a staff member that explains how you’ll manage communications;
  • Get added to a specialized chat, dedicated to keeping you updated on the developments;
  • Submit the account information;
  • Wait for the task to be complete, all the while receiving reports;
  • Have your account back (with all the rewards) when the task is complete

You can specify the means of communication that you yourself prefer. And it doesn’t just mean messaging to your boosters and demanding images and exact reports of what’s happening. You can ask for a live stream (in the form of a screen demonstration on Discord, for instance) to see what’s going on precisely.

Why Should You Buy Enlightened Brokers Reputation From Us?

Besides the fact that it’s a certified, legitimate service, you can expect high quality of service from Cakeboost. The boosters in this carry service are professional gamers with thousands of hours in WoW. They know what they are doing and they know how to achieve the goal in the shortest time possible, without unnecessary activities.

In short, Cakeboost offers The Enlightened Brokers reputation upgrades at competitive prices and with satisfactory completion time. Just remember that it still takes over a month to get from neutral to exalted, if you mean to buy the entire progression.

What You Will Get?

By buying The Enlightened Brokers reputation upgrade service, you’ll receive:

  • Increased reputation with The Enlightened Brokers;
  • New gear (much of it on revered), including making leveling items for the SL gear;
  • Unique mounts (on revered and exalted each)

After reaching each level of reputation, your character gets to obtain the rewards from the Enlightened Brokers quartermaster, Vilo. Heartlight Vombata is the top reward – it’s a mount that looks like a big chubby animal made from granite and metal.

It takes up to 6 weeks to get a full upgrade of your Enlightened Brokers reputation. Depending on how many levels you want, it can take from 1 to 6 weeks, but not more or less. You can estimate how much is left by the reports you receive from the boosters, but that’s it. There’s really no saying how well the progression goes, because there are different ways to achieve the needed rank, and quests can rotate. It takes so much to upgrade your reputation because to reach exalted from neutral you need 42,000 of reputation points, and that’s a lot, to say the least.


There are 4 main upgrade options in The Enlightened Brokers reputation run:

  • Neutral to friendly
  • Friendly to honored
  • Honored to revered
  • Revered to exalted

Each level unlocks new loot, and there’s generally more of it on each tier. But to achieve each new tier of reputation, you’re required to collect roughly twice as many points for this level as you did for the previous one. So, naturally, the higher upgrades are, the more they cost.

Furthermore, you don’t just have to pick the entire progression, you can pick several upgrades. If you select friendly-to-honored and honored-to-revered, the booster will be obliged to carry you from friendly to revered, but no further. And obviously, you have to have the first level (that being friendly, in this case) to enjoy the reputation boost. The other services include unlocking Zereth Mortis and The Enlightened Brokers, because it also requires some time. If you don’t have either available, you can’t start managing your reputation, obviously.


The Enlightened Brokers reputation carry service is piloted, which means your character will be borrowed by whoever’s boosting them for some time.
It doesn’t mean they’ll be able to do as they please. You can provide a set of specifications and requirements. For instance, you can buy an upgrade from neutral to friendly and from honored to revered, opting to complete the stage in-between on your own. This way, you’ll be given your account back for a while and then taken back for further boosting.