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Gnome Heritage Armor Boost

Rewards and description

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In World of Warcraft players can find and unlock various sets of gear that can be later used as rare transmogrifications. In BfA expansion, a list of such transmogs was updated with addition of different heritage armor sets. Gnome Heritage Armor set is one of the most popular, but it requires a lot of time to be unlocked.

In order to unlock the Gnome Heritage armor set, you have to reach the 60 level with your gnome character. Secondly, an exalted reputation with Gnomeregan required too. After that, a special questline will be available that will bring you a heritage armor as a reward. If you want to skip all the boring parts and just get the Gnome Heritage Armor as quickly as possible, just buy Gnome Heritage Armor Boost! 


  • Gnome Heritage Armor Set;
  • Gnome Heritage Armor Questline completed.


  • 2-3 days

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