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Sanctum of Domination Mythic Loot Run Boost

Rewards and description

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The Mythic Sanctum of Domination (SoD) is the latest Mythic raid to appear in World of Warcraft. By completing its encounters, adventurers can seize the very best equipment in the MMORPG right now. Doing so will not be easy, though. The Mythic version turns the already challenging boss fights into the most formidable test of player skill in the Shadowlands. Focus, knowledge, and coordination are necessary for the heroes to win. Farming the Mythic raid to get specific items is still harder and more gruelling. Buy WoW Mythic Sanctum of Domination boost from CakeBoost, and you will be able to profit fully from this endgame instance without unnecessary hassle.


  • Mythic SoD raid clear;
  • Rare achievements for Sanctum of Domination Raid mythic bosses kills, such as Cutting Edge: Sylvanas Windrunner for last boss kill;
  • Personal loot and a chance to get 252-259 ilvl gear;
  • Chance to get Sanctum Gloomcharger's Reins;
  • Chance to get Vengeance's Reins;
  • Opportunity to get Conduits for Covenant Soulbinds;
  • Opportunity to get Memories for Legendary craft;
  • Any items, gold, resources obtained during the boost.


  • 1 - 2 weeks

Mythic SoD Carry Service: How It Works

If you decide to get a boost for the Mythic SoD raid here, just follow those steps:

  • Go to the Mythic SoD boost page in our Shadowlands catalog and familiarize yourself with the details;
  • See whether you meet the requirements for this service;
  • Choose how many of the raid’s ten bosses you want us to defeat during this run and then place the order;
  • Go to the shopping cart to confirm the order and choose your preferred communications method;
  • Pay for the order using one of several reliable payment services;
  • Wait for customer service to get in touch with you and decide on any remaining details such as the schedule and whether your boost will be piloted or selfplay;
  • In the event of a selfplay boost, show up at the agreed upon time for the raid and wait to get invited. Otherwise, just wait for your order to be completed;
  • Remember to leave feedback on TrustPilot to help us continue to improve our services.

Why Buy Mythic SoD Boost From Us

Mythic raids are probably the greatest challenge in WoW. At the Mythic level of difficulty, bosses acquire powerful new abilities and become able to use their standard powersets more freely. As a result, those encounters leave little room for error. Not everyone has the time, the knowledge, or the inclination to complete this instance once, let alone farm it. Additionally, finding a competent team for a Mythic loot run is a challenge in itself. However, there is no alternative to beating this Mythic raid before the next one is revealed. It is the only way to find the finest loot and fulfill the most prestigious achievements.

Many players use a boost service in situations just like that one. Professional assistance enables customers to avoid the parts of the game they find tedious. That can include the raid itself or simply the logistical task of assembling a party. Either way, you would enjoy the game much more without the busywork. While there are many boosting companies offering help with Mythic raids, we are certain that CakeBoost is the ideal choice for a Mythic SoD carry. That is because of the following advantages that we offer to all our clients:

  • Effective security. We utilize best practices to ensure the safety of our clients’ accounts. When you order a Mythic SoD boost from us, we will only request the information that is definitely needed for the service to take place. No one but the employees working on your order will get to see this information. Cutting-edge HTTPS encryption and a VPN using your location will protect your confidentiality. Our boosts are done by hand, meaning that no third party will be in position to steal your data. We will also take great care to hide the boost, keeping your account from being banned;
  • Professional communications. CakeBoost’s support team is always available to consult you on the Mythic raid boost and any other services you may be interested in. They may approached over the live chat on the website or through the official e-mail. After buying our Mythic SoD boost, you will be prompted to select one of several popular messaging services to set up a channel that could be used for both real-time progress updates and questions. Any questions that our team could not answer will be immediately forwarded to superiors or boosters;
  • Affordable services. We offer competitive Mythic raid carry prices that are kept as low as possible without sacrificing quality. Due to our modular approach, you have great freedom in deciding how much you wish to pay for, avoiding unnecessary expenses. You may also benefit from special deals, discounts, and repeat client bonuses;
  • Fast and efficient completion. Our company has been providing WoW Carry services and carry services in other games for multiple years now. We have had time to refine our boosting practices and expand our pro gamer pool. The people we employ have all passed through a rigorous vetting process. We assign them based on their specialization, which in this case means extensive familiarity with the Mythic SoD raid that should help resolve it quickly.

There are many other services we can offer besides this Mythic SoD carry. The Sanctum of Domination WoW category in our catalog includes carries for individual bosses and an achievement run. You can also get a Heroic Sanctum of Domination raid boost if for whatever reason you are not yet up to buying Mythic. Moving beyond this raid, we provide coaching, gearing, and leveling carries that would leave you prepared to take on any in-game obstacles yourself. Alternatively, offerings like PvP currency farming or Mythic+ dungeon completion should let you progress and take all desired rewards without a care.

You Will Get

The parameters for this Mythic raid carry service are up to you. If you order a selfplay carry, you will be able to play through the challenging and intriguing Mythic SoD raid yourself. However, you will not need to assemble a party or rely on random players. Our professionals will give you dependable backup throughout the Mythic raid instead. You can also request a piloted carry, in which case one of our boosters will control your character in the Mythic raid. Either way, you will need to choose the number of Mythic encounters to be completed. That will determine the resulting rewards.

The first eight bosses in Mythic SoD drop items at level 252, while the last two have level 259 loot. That puts them well ahead of most non-Mythic loot sources. In addition to whatever unique items drop in the raid, you will unlock Great Vault options for every third Mythic encounter finished. Completing encounters on Mythic can net you several achievements, including a Cutting Edge Feat of Strength for beating the final boss before the next Mythic raid is released. You may also earn mounts, companions, Legendary crafting materials, and other precious resources.