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Secrets of the First Ones Campaign in Zereth Mortis

Rewards and description

Buy Secrets of the First Ones Campaign in Zereth Mortis

Following the Update 9.2 launch, the final chapters of Shadowlands’ story are finally available to the players. They revolve around the new region of Zereth Mortis and are required to unlock various features and activities there. If you would rather skip to the end point, get a boost in which a professional player will complete the story quests for you. Buy Secrets of the First Ones Campaign in Zereth Mortis carry from CakeBoost to get reliable and timely results. The carry service will be completed as quickly as the release schedule allows. You can also use a boost like this to pick up any incidental rewards that would drop during boosting, such as quest rewards and zone progress.


  • All chapters of New Storyline;
  • Some reputation points with New Factions;
  • Access to Zereth Mortis Daily Quests;
  • Double Legendary Belt
  • Cypher of the Fisrt Ones unlocked;
  • Following achievements


  • up to 5 weeks

Secrets of the First Ones Campaign in Zereth Mortis Carry Service: How Does It Work?

Those wishing to buy a Secrets of the First Ones Campaign in Zereth Mortis boost should proceed according to those steps:

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Why Should You Buy Secrets of the First Ones Campaign in Zereth Mortis From Us?

The latest story campaign is a mostly praised side of the expansion. It certainly does not lack for grand revelations and otherworldly environments. Update 9.2 raises it to a new level with the heroes’ arrival in Zereth Mortis, the one-time domain of the First Ones. Yet, like the previous chapters, the Secrets of the First Ones Campaign in Zereth Mortis is not for everyone. Those who do not enjoy its style or would just prefer to get on with the game are still forced to put up with it. That is because several important features of the current endgame remain locked away behind Secrets of the First Ones Campaign in Zereth Mortis missions and chapters.

There is absolutely no need to spend time on game content that one does not enjoy. Just buy a Secrets of the First Ones Campaign in Zereth Mortis boost, and professionals will take care of everything. Boosters will clear their way through the story with the utmost efficiency, unlocking all features and amassing plentiful loot and further prizes along the way. Buyers will be freed from sitting through cutscenes or backtracking all over the strange land of Zereth Mortis. Instead, this carry invites our clients to relax and engage in something else, until the Secrets of the First Ones Campaign in Zereth Mortis is dealt with in its entirety, once and for all.

Several companies have already offered pre-orders, promising to get their clients through the Secrets of the First Ones campaign. Still, it is doubtless CakeBoost that is best positioned to fulfill that promise. Having started out in 2015, CakeBoost has had plenty of experience with executing in-game carries. As can be seen on the TrustPilot page, we have established a reputation for trouble-free and speedy boosting. The company’s knowhow allowed us to refine our offerings. Meanwhile, we assembled an elite team of boosters that could take on this and other complex gaming tasks with minimal difficulty. Our clients who purchase the Secrets of the First Ones Campaign boost benefit from the following strengths:

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What You Will Get?

The Secrets of the First Ones Campaign consists of several chapters. The first three will be available as soon as update 9.2 and Zereth Mortis become available in the main version of the game. The remainder are going to be released over the course of the next few weeks. If you pre-order the boost now, we will get to work on the available chapters as soon as possible. The boost will have to pause when it runs out of content, but will continue as soon as other chapters are released. As a result, our clients will receive the fastest, smoothest possible progress through the campaign without having to spend time with it themselves. All associated prizes and advantages will be theirs as soon as possible.

The chief privilege obtained through the Secrets of the First Ones Campaign is access to full endgame features. As those adventures are the conclusion of the current narrative, buyers will probably not need to play any more story missions to unlock anything until the next major add-on. They will gain access to all repeatable activities in Zereth Mortis, including Daily Quests, World Quests, and Weekly Activities. Additionally, they will become able to make full use of the Cypher of the First Ones, a system that enriches gameplay in Zereth Mortis. There are other benefits to be retrieved from those campaign tasks as well, like the capability to simultaneously wield a pair of Legendaries.

Other prizes will be collected in the process of execution. All quest rewards, including SL Gold and other currencies, are going to stay with the client’s adventurer. Likewise, they will retain any gear, materials, and other loot acquired while exploring Zereth Mortis. Finishing the campaign should also improve numerous SL Reputations with expansion factions. That includes the denizens of Zereth Mortis, such as the Enlightened Brokers and the Automa. In turn, that will help the client character reap all possible benefits of such good standing, such as access to exclusive cosmetics or gear. Finally, buyers will obtain or get closer to obtaining numerous achievements tied to the campaign and the zone.