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Shadowlands brings a lot of new gameplay elements to WoW. Of course, it also brings a huge list of new gear to find and unlock. In order to unlock the best gear available in the game, you need to collect so-called “Soul Ash” - special currency that can be found only in Torghast tower. WIthout Soul Ash, you will not be able to unlock and upgrade one of the best items in the game.  Soul Ash is also a part of the weekly rewards. 

The problem is that completion of the Torghast tower is not a simple task. This randomized dungeon requires a lot of skill and time from the players. This is why at CakeBoost you can buy Soul Ash Currency Boost - our special service that will help you to obtain any amount of Soul Ash quickly and efficiently. 

Please, remember, that in order to farm Soul Ash, you need to complete 8 layers of Torghast at least once.  Also remember that the Soul Ashes collection opens only once a week.



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If you do not have layer 12 unlocked, contact the support on the website to clarify the details. Due to the game limit, you may receive less than 2080 Soul Ash if you have already completed Torgast this week.