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The Great Vault Carry 5-9 Rewards Season 4

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The Great Vault Carry 5-9 Rewards Season 4
x4 Mythic+15 & Weekly Fated HC Raid
x10 Mythic+15 & Weekly Fated HC Raid
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Earn 1,250 Honor
Earn 2,500 Honor
Earn 6,250 Honor
Rewards and description

Buy The Great Vault Carry 5-9 Rewards Season 4

The Great Vault is one of the main sources of rare gear in Shadowlands. Rewards are given for completing a list of weekly challenges. To fill the Great Vault, you are ought to kill a specific number of bosses during the SotFO raid or finish a specific number of mythic+ dungeon runs. Ilvl of items depends on the difficulty of the raid you are completing. You can earn up to 304 ilvl items. You are also able to farm honor points if you prefer PvP content. The problem is that listed activities are considered to be the most difficult in the game and not all players are able to finish mythic+ instances or do raiding for various reasons.


  • Full Heroic Choosen Weekly Fated Raid Clear;
  • 4-10 Mythic+ dungeon runs;
  • Rated Honor Points;
  • All resources, gold, and other materials received during the boost;
  • Guaranteed Weekly Great Vault loot.


  • 1-3 days

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