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Season of Mastery Mounts Boost

Mount WoW Season of Mastery boosts will give you any Vanilla Mounts you want, from the standard Faction Mounts to rare Dungeon and class-specific quest Mounts. All you’ll need to do is place an order with CakeBoost, and leave the repetitive tasks – from collecting Gold to farming dungeons – to our professional players. The Mount you have ordered will be yours as soon as humanly possible.

Season of Mastery Mounts Boost

Buy Season of Mastery Mounts Boost

It is impossible to imagine our real life without a variety of vehicles, and Azeroth would not be complete without a huge variety of Mounts, which help to reduce the time it takes for Characters to cover long distances. Mounts will not only be an excellent transport, but will also keep you company on long journeys.

WoW Vanilla SoM provides a wide selection of Mounts for every taste: each player will find exactly what he likes the most. There are many ways to get a Mount: some of them fall as loot from various Dungeon Bosses, some can be rewarded for completing Quests and improving the reputation level with various Factions to a certain level. Some classes have animal taming skills. Some Mounts have their own emotions and movements that make them even more charismatic and unique.

In total, WoW Vanilla has 71 Mounts (34 for Alliance + 27 for Horde + 10 Neutral for both Alliance and Horde). In order to use Mounts, the character must learn the Riding skill, the level of which defines the speed of your Mount (+ 60 / + 100 - this skill will be available for learning after reaching the 40th Lvl. The time it takes for Mount to be called is 1.5 seconds and it can be interrupted if, for example, you are attacked or moved.

If you are tired of lonely and long wanderings, WoW Vanilla Mount will be a long-awaited and useful acquisition. If you don’t want to spend time searching for and mining Mount, you can turn to the professional help of the CakeBoost team, and very soon you will be able to enjoy the fast rides on the back of a personal Mount. Buy any WoW Vanilla Mount Obtaining Boost Service by CakeBoost today at the lowest price on the market! CakeBoost offers a decent choice, so all you have to do is make it and expect an excellent result!

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