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Level up your character in Season of Mastery at the most affordable prices! A custom price is available depending on the current level.

Season of Mastery PvP Boosts

PvP WoW Season of Mastery services can help you get rewards from Vanilla’s PvP system without having to compete in it yourself. CakeBoost offers varied services including PvP currency farming, rank boosting, and raising the reputations needed to acquire many of the best PvP items. Our professional players can save you from having to rely on unpredictable team members in a problematic PvP scene, delivering results with reliability and speed.


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Buy Season of Mastery PvP Boosts

PvP is perhaps the most popular format among players of all MMORPGs, including World of Warcraft. This format allows players to fight not with the machine, the "artificial intelligence" of the game, but with other live players, which is much more exciting due to the human factor and the aspect of living competition. Therefore, each player usually strives to be realized in PvP. In addition to useful items and equipment that you can get by strengthening your position in PvP, you also earn authority among players, which allows you to get into higher-level parties, open up the road to the of higher echelon guilds, and much more.

In order for players to be aware of their place in the PvP rating among other players on the server, there is a PvP Rating System (Honor system), which determines the current position of the player, depending on his performance during the last time period.

 What is it and how does it work?

The Honor points system in WoW Vanilla is used to compare the PvP achievements of a particular player with other players. Honor is key object in gaining Ranks. By earning it, you will push your place in the leaderboard up. Your position is recalculated at the end of each week: Honor is transformed into Rating Points (RP), which determine your current position in the Weekly Standing.

Mostly Honor Points are farmed on the Battlegrounds, such as Warsong Gulch, Arathi Basin and Alterac Valley in BFA. Battlegrounds (BG) - special zones allocated for conducting PvP battles between players. Here, you need to complete one or more tasks in the allotted time to win, for example: capture three points, accumulate a certain amount of resources faster than the opposing team, protect a relic, etc.

For playing on the battlegrounds, players receive Honor Points and special Honor Marks, different for each BG. Each member of the winning team receives 3 Honor Marks, while each member of the losing team receives only 1. HM can be redeemed for a number of Honor Points.

Honorable Kills, HK. By taking part in battles with other players on the battlegrounds or in the open world, you earn Honorable Kills (HK). The player must not be "gray" (the difference in levels is no more than 10 Lvl). Not all victories are equally valuable.

Dishonorable kills, DK – kills of peaceful NPCs. Such kills affect your rating instantly and lower it significantly. If someone in your raid group does DK, all participants receive a penalty.

The weekly rating and the number of Honorable wins (per week and total) determine the current Rank of the player. There are 14 Ranks in total, for each of which the hero is assigned one of two available Titles (depending on belonging to the Horde or Alliance). To get the first Rank, you need to complete 25+ Honorable kills, subsequently your Rank will be determined by the number of accumulated Rating Points. Each subsequent Rank is more difficult to get, since you have to compete with much stronger opponents at each stage.

Season of Mastery PvP Rank Boost

Rank №1. Titles: Private (Alliance) / Scout (Horde). Minimum Rating Points: you need to have 25 HK. The reward to which your character will have access: a Tabard

Rank №2. Titles: Corporal (Alliance) / Grunt (Horde). Minimum Rating Points: 2000. The reward to which your character will have access: Insignia of the Alliance / Horde PvP Trinkets

Rank №3. Titles: Sergeant (Alliance) / Sergeant (Horde). Minimum Rating Points: 5000. The reward to which your character will have access: Blue-Quality Cloak

Rank №4. Titles: Master Sergeant (Alliance) / Senior Sergeant (Horde). Minimum Rating Points: 10 000. The reward to which your character will have access: Blue-Quality Necklace: Master Sergeant / Senior Sergeant Insignia

Rank №5. Titles: Sergeant Major (Alliance) / First Sergeant (Horde). Minimum Rating Points: 15 000. The reward to which your character will have access: Blue-Quality Bracers

Rank №6. Titles: Knight (Alliance) / Stone Guard (Horde). Minimum Rating Points: 20 000. The reward to which your character will have access: your Character is entitled to enter the officer’s barracks, Combat Mana/Healing Potion, Knight Colors/Stoneguard’s Herald

Rank №7. Titles: Knight-Lieutenant (Alliance) / Blood Guard (Horde). Minimum Rating Points: 25 000 . The reward to which your character will have access: Rare-Quality Set Boots and Gloves

Rank №8. Titles: Knight-Captain (Alliance) / Legionnaire (Horde). Minimum Rating Points: 30 000. The reward to which your character will have access: Rare-Quality Set Chest and Legs

Rank №9. Titles: Knight-Champion (Alliance) / Centurion (Horde). Minimum Rating Points: 35 000. The reward to which your character will have access: Horde/Alliance Battle Standard (a special PvP item that increases max HP of all squad members for 2 min)

Rank №10. Titles: Lieutenant Commander (Alliance) / Champion (Horde). Minimum Rating Points: 40 000 . The reward to which your character will have access: Rare-Quality Helm and Shoulders

Rank №11. Titles: Commander (Alliance) / Lieutenant General (Horde). Minimum Rating Points: 45 000. The reward to which your character will have access: WorldDefense Channelvoice right, PvP Epic Mount

Rank №12. Titles: Marshal (Alliance) / General (Horde). Minimum Rating Points: 50 000. The reward to which your character will have access: Epic-Quality Set Legs, Gloves and Boots

Rank №13. Titles: Field Marshal (Alliance) / Warlord (Horde). Minimum Rating Points: 55 000. The reward to which your character will have access: Epic-Quality Set Head, Chest, and Shoulders

Rank №14. Titles: Grand Marshal (Alliance) / High Warlord (Horde). Minimum Rating Points: 60 000. The reward to which your character will have access: Epic-Quality Weapons

Getting to Rank 14 is a very time consuming endeavor that requires the player to participate in PvP daily for many weeks. Less than 0.1% of players who received Honor points in a given week have a chance to climb that high.

CakeBoost provides a full range of WoW PvP Boosting services. We provide services for Honorable Kills or Honor Mark farm, Battleground Wins farm, Rating or Honor Points farm, PvP Titles obtaining, PvP coaching and much, much more. Among a wide range of different professional WoW PvP Boost, each player will find exactly what he needs. We carry out each order manually using all possible precautions, including VPN. Learn more about our Privacy Policy.

CakeBoost is a leading international Boosting company. We provide Boosting and Coaching services to players around the world - around the clock, every day of the year. If you want to ask a question about any of the services presented on the site, clarify the terms of execution or place an order, contact our managers via Skype, Discord, or LiveChat: we will be happy to help you.

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