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Leveling to 60 with 1 Profession Vanilla Starter Bundle

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Leveling to 60 with 1 Profession Vanilla Starter Bundle
ETA - 2 weeks for leveling
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Buy Leveling to 60 with 1 Profession Vanilla Starter Bundle

Classic (Vanilla) version recreates WoW like it was in September 2006, before any of the next expansions were launched. All later expansions have drastically changed the gameplay over this gigantic period of time. Classic allows you to experience the original version of the game content with some bonuses like a modern interface and functional enhancements introduced that have been integrated later. Playing WoW Classic can be an amazing nostalgic experience for some older gamers as well as new and challenging for newer players.

You will get:

  • 1- 60 Powerleveling + 1 Profession of your choice
  • A lot of completed quests
  • Unlocks of New Dungeons
  • Random Questing gear
  • Gold, craft materials, resources
  • Additional option of Express leveling
  • Additional option of getting Full Dungeon gear

ETA: 2-4 weeks

A big amount of game content is only available after you reach level 60 of your character. The process is not easy or fast, it requires a lot of monotonous mundane work that might not be all that exciting or rewarding. Along the way of powerleveling your character, you may also want to get a profession and increase its level to get the perks of resource gathering and item production. That task may prove to be even more time consuming and exhausting work. Also to fully enjoy the game in the later stages you need a high-quality set of gear that can be obtained in dungeons. Single clear of the dungeon might not take a lot of time, but it can be challenging and the drop rates of each gear piece are often quite low.

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