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Swift Razzashi Raptor Mount Vanilla Boost

Rewards and description

Buy Swift Razzashi Raptor Mount Vanilla Boost

Swift Razzashi Raptor is the only Mount Raptor available to Alliance heroes. In order to get a Swift Razzashi Raptor, a player must run through Zul’Gurub several times in order to get the desired Mount as a rare Loot drop from one of the Bosses, Bloodlord Mandokir. The chance of getting a Swift Razzashi Raptor is extremely small and tends to 1%, so most likely it will take many attempts. In order to ride a Swift Razzashi Raptor, the level of your Riding Skill must be 150+. Swift Razzashi Raptor will increase the speed of your character by +60 - + 100%. Buy Swift Razzashi Raptor Mount Vanilla Boost and get a 100% guarantee of the result super-fast and at an attractive low price.


  • Swift Razzashi Raptor Mount;
  • Some starter resources: gold, craft materials, gear received during the boost


  • random

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