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WoW Classic SoM Zul Gurub Boosting and Coaching Services

Rewards and description

Buy WoW Classic SoM Zul Gurub Boosting and Coaching Services

Zul’Gurub is a Raid for 20 players in Stranglethorn Vale (North). This is a whole city hidden in the jungle - the real capital of local troll tribes. The Zandalar Tribe is looking for those who will help stop the dominance of the bloody cult in these lands and expel the Hakkar’s servants. As a reward, they are ready to provide the liberators with decent equipment and armor with excellent characteristics. To get 100% immune to failures and get great results without investing time and effort, buy WoW Classic SoM Zul Gurub Boosting and Coaching Services. We are a fast-growing international Boosting company, which strives to provide our customers with brilliant results in the shortest possible time and at a low price.


  • Full Zul’Gurub run;
  • Some gear and gold


  • 1 week

Why Should You Choose Us? 

WoW Vanilla Classic is a much more hardcore experience. This version of the game is completely original, without any add-ons or major changes. As a consequence, many of the gameplay elements are significantly outdated. Leveling takes a huge amount of time, dungeons can last for several hours, and raids take even longer. Moreover, for almost every raid and dungeon, you need to complete attunements and level up your reputation with certain factions. 

Zul'Gurub stands out as a particular difficulty in WoW Vanilla Classic. In Classic Season of Mastery this is one of the main activities and, at the same time, one of the most difficult types of content. That is why players often buy boosting services in Zul Gurub. Zul’Gurub requires time. Time for preparations, time for a search for a high-skilled team, time for the training, and finally time for the completion of the raid itself. Most of the described steps are problematic themselves, and the overall process becomes an obstacle that most players prefer to simply skip. However, Zul’Gurub is also a source of the best endgame rewards. You can get legendary equipment, weapons, armor, and even a mount. Buy WoW Classic SoM ZG Boost by Cakeboost to grant yourself the best possible raiding results. 

100% Safety Guaranteed

Each of the offered services, including Zul'Gurub Raid Boost, are totally safe. During the boost, we use professional VPN services that protect your data, and our boosters are strictly forbidden from using any type of illegal software, including cheats and bots. 

24/7 Support

Our support team is not just a source of information. It is your method of getting a detailed consultation on any boost services we offer, and even creating a service especially for your narrow tasks. Just contact us via a live chat to learn everything you need. 

High-Quality Premium Boosting

Raiding requires a lot of skill. This is why we employ only professional boosters, who have completed the Zul'Gurub raid dozens of times. This is why the best possible results are guaranteed, and why ZG boosting is a reliable method of completing the raid. 

What Can I Get With WoW Classic SoM ZG Boost?

Just like any other Vanilla Raids boosting service, Zul Gurub Boost is aimed at completing the raid as quickly as possible. During it, you are guaranteed to finish the raid and get a list of various rewards, including huge amounts of gold, resources, and consumable items. 

Additionally, the more runs you order, the higher your chance of obtaining the best gear in the game, or even earning your own rare mount. Wow Vanilla Classic ZG Boost is a perfect addition for players who have already ordered WoW Classic SoM Gearing services and fully prepared their characters for endgame activities. However, remember that in order to participate in raiding, you have to fulfill several requirements. First and foremost, 60 level is necessary, and our WoW Classic SoM PvE services are going to help you with that. Additionally, you have to prepare your character for long and hard battles, and this is where WoW Classic SoM Gold Farm becomes necessary, as most of the potions, food, and other consumables require some money to be bought. 

Cakeboost is ready to perform a wide variety of WoW Vanilla Classic boosting services. If you want to become the bravest champion of Azeroth, check out WoW Classic SoM PvP boosts. For players who prefer questing, dungeons and raids, our Vanilla Raids services will be perfect. 

How Does Cakeboost Work?

Zul Gurub Boosting process is quick and simple:

  • Choose a service and additional options to make it more effective;
  • Select necessary amount of runs;
  • Confirm your order at your shopping cart. You can use Stripe, Unitpay, Paymentwall, Coinbase or Fondy as payment method;
  • Contact our online support to discuss all the details about the service and schedule;
  • Wait until the process is done. You will be notified about the results immediately after the end of the boost;
  • Share your experience with others by leaving a review on our services. Your feedback makes us better!

FAQ about Zul Gurub Boosting Carry Services

Q: How long does it take to complete the run? 
A: The amount of time required for completing the boost can vary, depending on your task, and the necessity of completing attunements, gearing, and other preparations. The process of completing the raid can take up to 5 hours. 

Q: Can I get a mount with this service?
We cannot guarantee you a mount, but you surely get a chance to get it when ordering a raid run. Swift Zulian Tiger has a really low drop chance of 0.89%, and it is almost impossible to get it within a single run. Also you can get guaranteed mount with our service.

Q: What level is necessary for the Zul'gurub raid?
A: Your character must be 60 level for participating in raiding. Our boosters are also ready to help you with reaching this level as quickly as possible. 

Q: Can you gear up my character before the raid?
A: Character gearing is available for boosting too. Check out our gearing services.