Since 2015, Cakeboost Company has expanded significantly and is permanently growing. Today we are working with clients and players all over the world and we are very happy with such experience. Our team makes improvements with this regard.

We never stop our efforts to increase the quality of our services and make the gaming and purchasing process as convenient for our clients and highly honored players as possible. We are doing everything to worth your trust.
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4.9 / 5
I’ve tried a few, and I’ve come to the conclusion that this company’s services are the most efficient way of unlocking reticles that I know of. CakeBoost’s players are real top notch pros and usually get everything done in hours after placing an order (there can be some delays, but those are typically minor and don’t affect much). Their managers are very quick on the uptake and take care of any issues that arise swiftly. They are all very friendly people, too. I got all my holo reticles unlocked within days.
Awesome boost. Really efficient and fast.
Amazingly executed services. I purchased unlocks for the Blue Dot and the Summoner Holo Reticles, and both of those were done in a matter of hours. The service quality was impeccable, and there were no issues at all. I will come back for more!
I ordered the Cross Dot, T Pose, and Blue V reticles here to save myself some time and try them out properly. I must say, the boosts here are pretty expensive. The commitment to customer satisfaction makes it worth it, though; the managers are very friendly and helpful, the site design is intuitive, and the execution is nothing if not thorough. The other issue is that while the first booster did everything quickly and efficiently, he had to leave before the Blue V boost. I was assigned another booster, who took a few hours to get started. So the full completion was notably delayed as a result. However, I still go what I paid for, just a little later. On balance I am pleased with this service, and would recommend it to others.
The reticle challenges in Modern Warfare can get ridiculously grindy, and in any case I don’t have the time for stuff like that anymore. On the advice of an old friend, I turned to this company. They took care of all my orders with admirable professionalism and speed. Thumbs up!
Great work on this boost! Very quick, efficient, and great for my stats. I can definitely recommend it to anybody.
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Welcome to


CakeBoost is an international Cyber Coaching services company. We offer a wide range of boost Coaching services to solve gaming problems of any complexity in the most popular online games of our time: World of Warcraft Shadowlands, BFA and Classic (Wow SL, WoW BFA, WoW Vanilla), Destiny 2, Path of Exile (PoE), Overwatch (OW), League of Legends (LoL), Fortnite, Hearthstone (HS). We also provide services related to other games: Apex, Borderlands, Call of Duty (CoD), Escape from Tarkov (EfT), and more are coming soon!


CakeBoost works with a serious goal in mind: to make quality, safe Cyber Coaching services available to everyone. CakeBoost is the international flagship of the fast-growing and promising Cyber ​​Coaching business. Our activity, in general, is aimed at the all-round development of the player, increasing and fully realizing his potential. We have the widest range of different services for solving gaming problems of any scale and complexity in a number of the most popular games at the moment:



We work with players of different levels and raise the variety of needs of different players. We know that each player has his own vision of success, features and priorities, therefore we believe in an individual approach: we treat the needs of each client carefully, select performers individually in accordance with the specifics of the order, analyze strengths and weaknesses. This allows us to provide each client with the most effective solution that will significantly improve your position and, moreover, will become a reliable foundation for further development.


A wide variety of services allows players to define a set of gaming solutions that is exactly what they need. We provide training and assistance in a wide variety of aspects of the game: from obtaining specific equipment, purchasing a rare item or resources farm to obtaining achievements, prestigious titles, participation in top competitive events, and much more. WIth our participation, you can get advantage of rapid effective powerleveling, gearing up, so you can take everything of what your favorite game can allow. You save your time and get immunity from failures and mistakes. We have the necessary experience to improve any aspect of your gaming: you are not limited in your choice of enhancing path, and we are always ready to help you develop an individual strategy that suits you.


We are constantly updating the list of available services, working on opening new gaming directions, striving to provide a high-quality offer of Cyber Coaching services in the most popular games, as well as those that are only gaining popularity. We develop new services and improve existing ones in accordance with the development of games, their expansion and updating. With CakeBoost, you get an efficient and reliable solution for the latest and most in-demand gaming tasks.


In addition to a wide range of available services, our undeniable advantage is the high professionalism of our staff. Each of our Booster Coachers is an experienced professional player with a number of achievements and titles in the game with which he works. All Boosters undergo a multi-stage competitive selection, mandatory verification, after which they improve their qualifications, learning the techniques and features of Online Cyber Coaching. Thanks to this approach, we are able to provide our clients not only with a top-class player for solving any game problems, but also a trained coach who can effectively transfer the accumulated experience and skills to you.


One of our main advantages is our experience: over the past few years, we have not only successfully helped thousands of players solve various game problems, but also constantly developed new services, while improving the existing ones, taking into account comments and feedback from players. With our vast experience, we are now in a position to develop reliable, user-friendly, high-performance services.


We always provide our clients with full control over the progress of the order: from the formation of the order to the actual execution process.

We do not use third-party programs or bots, nor do we take actions that could attract the attention of the gaming administration. All services provided by us are absolutely legal and confidential. We take the personal data of our clients seriously, therefore we guarantee their safety, as well as the fact that no data falls into third hands. Learn more about our Privacy Policy here.

CakeBoost works with a serious goal in mind: to make quality, safe Cyber Coaching services available to everyone. We maintain a high bar of international standards in every aspect of our work: from the development of services to the formation of personnel, from the careful handling of personal data to communication with clients. By contacting us, you get a 100% guarantee of quality and efficiency. We are proud of our good reputation for several years successfully providing thousands of Cyber Coaching services to players around the world.



Shadowlands is the latest expansion of the world's most popular MMORPG. We provide a wide range of services for this profile, the list of which is constantly updated as new content is added to the game. We offer various solutions for a variety of game tasks: Powerleveling 1-50 + 50-60, services for the discovery of various game content, improving relations with Covenants. Services are provided for completing all SL Raids on Normal, Heroic and Mythic, as well as all SL Dungeons (and Torghast), including Mythic +. We will help you earn prestigious titles and achievements, including meta-achievements such as Raider Glory achievements. After a long absence, Legendaries made their way back to game

We also have an arsenal of ready-made solutions to improve your position in Duels / BGs / World PvP: Arena and PvP coaching, PvP Gearing, getting titles and ranks in PvP. We conduct training in various directions to achieve specific goals, such as increasing the rating in the Arena, or generally increasing the level of game skill.

In addition, we help to obtain specific Items, Mounts, Armor, Resource farming and much, much more. On our website you will find a specific description of each service; all services are grouped into categories for easy navigation.

We also provide various Service Bundles so that you can get more service at a better price. This will help you not only save your money, but also get a bigger boost in character development, saving you time.


A classic game brought back to life in 2019. Blizzard has done a great job of restoring the original data and modernizing the game for the modern user. The developers adapted the game, worked out game mechanics, textures and Questlines, while retaining the authentic atmosphere of the first WoW, which caused the location not only of the oldfag part of the audience, but also allowed beginners to touch the origins from which it all began.

CakeBoost provides all the facilities to accelerate your development in Vanilla and get used to its features so that you can take the best from the Classic. We provide escorts in all Dungeons (Tribute Run, Dire Maul, Upper and Lower Blackrock, Sholomance and others) and Raids (Molten Core, Blackwings Lair, Ahn'qiraj, Zul Gurub). You can get help at PvP Ranking, Reputation boost and Battleground Honor farm (BG).

You can find services for obtaining a specific Item or Mount, acquiring Epic Weapons and LEGENDARIES, that made their comeback only in Shadowlands. You can improve relationships with various farcs, master professions, get any needed Tier 1-3 Gearing, resource farming, pet unlocking and everything else Vanilla can offer.

As with other parts of WoW, there are a number of services for quickly increasing your level: 1-15, 15-25, 25-35, 35-45, 45-60.

On our portal you will find not only a lot of useful services, but also a series of articles and guides about the mechanics of the game, its structure, guides for achieving specific game goals, analysis of Dungeons and Raids, guides for killing the most difficult Bosses, comparison of the characteristics of various factions, races and classes, as well as tons of other useful information about the game that will help you get a more holistic view of WoW and shape your effective development strategy.


One of the most popular games in the world at the moment. This is a MOBA game that has not only won a huge following among fans of the genre, but also attracted a crowd of players who were not into MOBA before. The essence of the game is simple: there is a battle of two teams on a special map; Each match involves two teams of five players each controlling heroes with different sets of abilities. To win the match, the team must destroy the object of the fortress belonging to the enemy side and protect its own fortress from destruction.

Dota 2 is an active eSports discipline in which professional teams from all over the world compete in various leagues and tournaments. Thanks to CakeBoost's Dota2 services, you can reach semi-pro (or even higher) with our Dota 2 Coaching services. We also provide MMR and Duo MMR Boost, Calibration, Battle Cup obtaining, and Normal games Boost.

Destiny 2

CakeBoost provides Coaching on PvP and PvE in Destiny 2 to quickly improve combat skills for players of all skill levels. Training is carried out on an individual basis according to a program developed taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of each individual player.

We provide PvE services such as Powerleveling for fast level boost, Dungeon runs, activities walkthrough, and also Bounties. We also provide the passage of all available Raids: Garden of Salvation, Crown Of Sorrow, Last Wish, Leviathan on Normal and Prestige and all others, or you can order an “all-in-one” run.

PvP content is widely represented in Destiny 2, we produce Rank, Infamy rank and Valor boost, Iron banner token, Trial Wins and Tokens farm, as well as Trial of Osiris and other instances flawless Runs.

You can get any Triumphs and Seals regardless of the difficulty level: Wayfarer, Shadow, Reckoner, Harbinger, Moments, Conqueror, Blacksmith, Almighty and all the rest.

And, of course, our huge armory, which displays almost all weapons in Destiny 2. With our services, you can get any of them. Our list is constantly updated, so you can find the most relevant and demanded specimens, as well as the rarest and most difficult to obtain barrels. We provide a detailed description of each weapon so that you can learn about the existing options and make an informed choice. Thanks to our low prices, you can get the perfect weapon of any type and level: Pinnacle, God Roll, Rituals, Catalysts, Beyond Light, Exotic, Legendary.


An interesting representative of Action RPG, it has a pronounced similarity to the games of the Diablo series. We offer assistance with Powerleveling, currency farm, Boss farm, Watchstones obtaining, Challenges walkthrough and other useful services. We also provide coaching services for players that want to acknowledge different aspects of the game and get the comprehensive picture. You will have theoretical and practical training based on your strengths, weaknesses and playstyle. Coaching is done individually.


FPV shooter from Blizzard, which has rapidly gained incredible popularity among players around the world. The game features a large number of different characters that not only have individual characteristics, abilities and appearance, but also have an impressive lore background.

CakeBoost OW Services includes popular services for all game modes presented, such as OW Powerleveling, Rating boost, Wins farming, and TOP 500, which will allow you to become one of the best players in your server, Golden Weapon farm, Placement matches. The wide variety of our coaching strategies allows players to focus on an aspect they would like to improve. Each case will be analyzed, after which our trainer will develop an individual program in accordance with your requests. You can independently determine the amount of practice and theory in your course. This allows us to achieve the greatest effect with the minimum investment of time and money.


One of the most popular games in recent years. Players work together to collect items that they can use to build a fort during the day and defend against zombies at night. Building is the main mechanic, while the game has a lot of loot and a competitive mode where 100 players must fight each other until only one is left alive.

We provide services for Wins farm, Powerleveling, Arena boost, Battle pass, and also Coaching services, which will help you not only understand the basic mechanics of the game if you are a beginner, but also help you deepen your knowledge and learn a lot of useful tricks if you are already an experienced player.


Deceptively simple and incredibly addicting free strategy card game from the creators of WoW. As in other collectible card games, the main goal of the player in HS is to collect their own card collection, which is replenished by purchasing card sets or receiving them as a reward.

CakeBoost assists with Daily Quests, Battleground MMR, Rank and Arena boost, Golden heroes obtaining and Heroes leveling services, and all other services needed to significantly strengthen HS positions. We also provide Coaching for players who want to dive deeper into the structure of the game, its mechanics and internal relationships, which will allow you to build more complex circuits and get more pleasure from the process.


Moba by Riot Games, already a living legend with millions of fans, is currently one of the most popular professional Cyber ​​disciplines. A game with a HUGE number of Champions (characters): more than 140, each with a detailed history, motivation, features, unique skills! Champions also come in a number of different skins, giving players even more opportunities to express themselves. Players can also modify their gaming experience through the special properties of Runes.

CakeBoost provides various LoL Coaching services: LoL Account leveling, Division boost, Wins farm, Champion Mastery, TFT, Matches and more.

Coaching also aims to provide customized coaching courses in a variety of disciplines for players of all backgrounds. You will not only gain a comprehensive understanding of the game structure, its content and combat mechanics, but also master many theoretical aspects and practical methods that will increase your value as a player and allow you to develop more confidently and consciously in the future. You will learn many tricks and life hacks, as well as learn how to independently analyze the situation and develop development strategies.

We also conduct team training aimed at increasing internal coordination in the team, which significantly increases the effectiveness of battles and allows you to achieve consistently better results, thus accelerating your progress.


A tactical shooter from Riot games, where 5v5 teams play matches, and the player is given 1 life per round. At the same time, players use not only weapons and ammunition: players can choose one of 12 Agents (characters), each of which has one of 5 classes and their own unique history and skills. In order to succeed, you must not only learn how to apply skills, but also use the features of the map and the environment to your advantage, as well as quickly coordinate your actions within the team.

Valorant Coaching from CakeBoost will allow you to quickly improve your understanding of general and specific game mechanics, improve your mastery of a specific character or class, as well as allow you to master various play styles and skills, organize team coordination and much more. We provide both individual coaching and team training to develop and integrate an effective coordination system. This will significantly increase the value of the team and allow you to fully unleash the potential of each player. We also carry out other individual work with players: Rank Boost, Wins farm, Unrated Games runs.

We also provide services related to other games: Apex, Borderlands, Call of Duty (CoD), Escape from Tarkov (EfT). If you have questions or don't find something that suits you perfectly, contact us anytime. We will be happy to answer all your questions and develop an ideal strategy in accordance with your needs.

We continue to expand, develop new gaming directions and introduce new high standards of a new modern discipline that is rapidly gaining momentum. Become part of a fast-paced tech company today to open up new horizons in gaming opportunities quickly, hopefully

We continue to expand, develop new gaming directions and introduce new high standards of a new modern discipline that is rapidly gaining momentum. Become part of a fast-paced tech company today to open up new horizons in gaming experience quickly, reliably and safely, at a great price and with a guarantee.

You can place an order or ask a question 24/7 via Discord [Cakeboost#9024], Skype, or Chat.

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