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The following Privacy Policy governs the way your information and personal data is collected, processed, used and stored on or through (the “Website”) by GAMES EXPERTS LTD (Company no. 12399019, Unit 111356, Ground Floor, 30 Bloomsbury Street, London, WC1B 3QJ, United Kingdom) and by Individual Entrepreneur Shevyrtalov Ilya Dmitrievich (Taxpayer Identification Number (INN) 645207249901).

1. Definitions

  • Collocations “personal data” and “personal information” are used interchangeably;
  • “Personal data” or “personal information is an information that is utilized or could be utilized in order to identify any individual. 
  • “Sensitive information” is an information that meets the criteria of personal information and also reveals your racial or ethnic origin, political beliefs, biometric data and some other kinds of information;
  • “Non-sensitive information” shall mean the information of all types, apart from that which is laid down in the previous point “Sensitive information”;
  • “Cookies” shall mean pieces of data that the Website and some other services may set on you device or browser so that on the future visits those pieces could be read. 

2. What information is collected and how

To provide you with the services publicly offered within the Website we must collect, process, use and store information about you. Among the data collected there are following items: cookies, e-mail addresses, country and / or region, username and multiple other kinds of information, depending on the type of services obtained, so as the way of communication.

If a Client communicates us and / or signs up via the Website, they voluntarily share certain information.

3. How the information is used

We are fully committed to delivering you with the services that are relevant and personal to you. Accomplishing this purpose, we use your personal information in order to improve your experience, inter alia to identify you when you use the Website and / or make certain transactions, to recommend the services offered within the Website, to respond to any of the questions arisen and / or to reply to comments.

4. How the information is stored and protected

Your information is safely stored so that no sensitive and non-sensitive personal data could have been transmitted to third parties, apart from that necessary to provide you with the purchased services, to run the business in its normal course and in some other circumstances. Our staff has access to your personal information only to the extent required to exercise its functions and responsibilities, that is to say, the staff has the access only to some specified items of the personal data you transfer on or through the Website or any of the means of communication, stipulated on the Website, for instance, your username, e-mail addresses, transaction data, so as some other kinds of information required.

Though we are absolutely sure that the methods of transmission presented on the Website are safe, we all know that there is no that ideal method of transmission within the Internet that could have met all requirements of electronic storage and would be 100% secure, that is we cannot guarantee the absolute security of your personal data due to the fact that there are too many factors involved.

5. Use of cookies and similar technologies

We employ different cookies and similar technologies in order to keep track of some your computer’s settings, including which account you have utilized to log into and some other cookies. Of course, the amount of cookies used within this Website may be expanded as the number of services and features necessary to deliver these services is constantly growing, so as the amount of personal data gained within those cookies and similar technologies. This means that the additional personal data may be extracted.

Note that we may also use some third party services and analytic tools, e.g. Google Analytics that may collect, process and store certain information on the way you use the Website. It means that we are entitled to disclose the information to those third party services. 

6. How a client can opt out of the data collection or usage 

A client may disable cookies changing its browser’s settings. Any further information on the way to disable those cookies may be easily found on the browser provider’s website.  

7. Amendments and modifications to Privacy Policy 

All amendments and modifications to Privacy Policy made are publicly available within this webpage. 

8. Company contact information 

In case that you would like to receive any further information about this privacy policy or any other policies and safeguards provided on the Website, please, contact us, using any of the following methods below:

9. What Are Cookies

Cookies are text files containing small amounts of data that are sent to your device (computer, tablet, phone) by the websites you visit. They are stored in your browser’s file directory and sent back to the site on all subsequent visits. Their function is to save user data, including usernames, passwords, and preferences, making them easy to restore and improving your experience. Among other benefits, cookies enable us to identify your device and browser, which can be important for service quality and convenience. To facilitate this, CakeBoost can save some data whenever you visit our website or use our services.

10. What Types of Cookies Does CakeBoost Use?

This website uses cookies belonging to the following categories:

  • Security. We use those cookies to allow customers to log in and to defend their user accounts for unauthorized access. This category includes the SID and HSID cookies that contain encrypted, digitally-signed records of your account and sessions that are used to counter many forms of attack such as data theft.
  • Process. The website uses those cookies to help it react appropriately to user requests and provide the required services. More specifically, they are needed to open modal windows and deploy filters and applications. Blocking them will make it impossible for you to use this website correctly.
  • Session. Those cookies contain information about user interactions with the site, such as visited pages and error messages. We use them to study technical failures and other problems our users encounter, allowing us to address them effectively.
  • Analytics. Those cookies allow us to collect and process important statistics such as page views, session durations, and commonly used tools. We then use this data to optimize the performance of our website and applications.
  • Preferences. We use NID cookies to remember user information and preferences. That can include your country of residence, language, display resolution, time zone, location, and preferred currency. Those cookies make the site more convenient. They allow us to display the most relevant offers for all users and improve their overall experience with our website.
  • Advertising. Those cookies allow us to analyze and optimize our advertising. We use them to adjust advertisements, making them more relevant and appealing to our users. They also allow us to make personalized promotional offers for customers based on their interests.

11. How CakeBoost Uses Your Cookies

We use them to let you log in more quickly without security risks or needing to restart your session every time you use the website;

  • We draw on them to enhance your safety and confidentiality. You will receive notifications in case your session is interrupted while your personal data being used by cookies so you could protect it;
  • We study the information collected through cookies to better understand our customers’ interests and preferences, letting us refine our services and the user experience further;
  • We also analyze the results of our marketing campaigns and tweak them to be more customer-friendly and relevant;
  • Last but not least, certain cookies are required for many elements of this website to function properly or at all.

12. How You Can Turn Off or Limit Cookies

You are always free to disable, remove, or block cookies on your device or browser. You can manage all existing cookies on your end through your browser’s settings. Bear in mind that many of the cookies on this website are required for it to function, and that disabling them may prevent you from interacting with the website or accessing our services correctly. Disabling other cookies may also have an impact on your browsing experience, as you will have to confirm your user information more often during your session.