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Fantastic carry service. Helped me a lot as I was really not looking forward to having to grind for this catalyst myself. The booster took care of it over less than two days. Very pleased!
Game: Destiny 2
Service: Ticuu`s Divination Catalyst Boost
Great boosters, very professional and speedy. Got the Crucible version nice and easy thanks to their help.
Game: Destiny 2
Service: Null Composure Legendary Fusion Rifle Boost
CakeBoost does very fast and dependable carries in my experience. This one only confirmed my high opinion of them. Couldn’t have asked for better service!
Game: Destiny 2
Service: Cryosthesia 77K Catalyst Boost
All done quickly and with a positive attitude.
Game: Destiny 2
Service: Subzero Salvo Legendary Rocket Launcher Boost
Completely worth the price!
Game: WoW Shadowlands
Service: Shadowlands Keystone Hero: Season Three
Excellent service, got to Exalted without delays and even earned some good loot along the way. Also the support team was really friendly and nice. From now on CakeBoost will be my first choice of boosting service!
Game: WoW Shadowlands
Service: Enlightened Brokers Reputation
Very smooth and efficient service. Cooperative team. Flawless completion. Would order here again and recommend it to others.
Game: Destiny 2
Service: Cloudstrike Exotic Sniper Rifle Boost
Very good service. Work on my catalyst boost started on the same dayand finished with a lot of time left before their deadline. The manager I dealt with was courteous and knowledgeable. They definitely deserve five stars!
Game: Destiny 2
Service: No Time To Explain Catalyst Boost