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Just preordered. Waiting for 9.2
Game: WoW Shadowlands
Service: Colossal Soulshredder Mawrat
I don`t like story campaigns so I`m quite happy that Cakeboost can complete this for me!
Game: WoW Shadowlands
Service: Secrets of the First Ones Campaign in Zereth Mortis
Well! I have no desire to be in Torghast again, so I`ll just leave it to Cakeboost.
Game: WoW Shadowlands
Service: Torghast Jailer`s Gauntlet
Looking forward to 9.2 to get a new mount!
Game: WoW Shadowlands
Service: Vicious War Toad
I don`t want to spend time farming, so I pre-ordered a boost here. Now I`m waiting :)
Game: WoW Shadowlands
Service: Automa Reputation
Oh, this annoying farm. Guys just do it for me!
Game: WoW Shadowlands
Service: Enlightened Brokers Reputation
Wanna be one of the first to get it ^^
Game: WoW Shadowlands
Service: Wasterwarped Deathwalker Boost
I want a set for my warlock :) I think the Cakeboost guys will put it together a lot faster than I can
Game: WoW Shadowlands
Service: Progenitor Tier Set Boost