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WoW Rare Mounts

Rare Mount Boost allow you to acquire vintage mounts from earlier World of Warcraft expansions without having to repeatedly farm older content to acquire achievements or necessary currencies. CakeBoost’s professional players will fulfill your chosen mounts’ complex and varied unlock conditions as efficiently as they can. Those mounts will be yours to ride or fly through eligible zones very quickly.


What makes a mount rare?

Rare mounts are rarely seen because they are hard to acquire. That usually has less to do with the difficulty of their content and more to do with random chance. In the majority of cases covered by these boost services, the mounts are rare because they have a lower than 5% chance of dropping after defeating a boss or completing some other activity. For example, the Thundering Cobalt Cloud Serpent has an estimated 0.03% drop chance after defeating the world boss Nalak, forcing collectors to fight him over and over again to get the mount. Some rare mounts have added requirements and complications. For instance, Voidtalon of the Dark Star spawns in a random location on Draenor and must be tracked down within five minutes without anyone else getting it first. To sum up, getting rare mounts is a matter of luck and persistence as much as skill, but our boost services can ensure they are acquired as quickly as possible.

What is the hardest to obtain mount in WoW?

X-45 Heartbreaker, previously known as the Big Love Rocket, probably deserves the title. It can only be obtained during the two weeks of Love is in the Air. During that event, it has a 0,03% chance to drop as a reward for winning a fight that may only be attempted once per day. For players who are too busy during the event, the only way to obtain the mount is to use a boost. Among more regularly obtainable mounts, the Son of Galleon and the Solar Spirehawk are both strong contenders. Both are certainly rare, as each can only be found on 1% of all accounts.

Are mounts acquired using this boost account-wide?

Yes. All mounts in WoW are account-wide. If we obtain the Ashes of Al’ar with one adventurer during a boost, every hero on the boosted account would be able to access the mount without needing to farm the fight with Kael’thas Sunstrider again. Some mounts only allow adventurers from certain sides or classes to ride them, but that is not the case with rare mounts in the retail version.

How long does a rare mount boost take?

Because acquiring rare mounts always involves an element of unpredictability, it is impossible to set a fixed ETA. When working on such a boost, we will repeat the necessary activities as frequently as possible. For example, when farming the Clutch of Ji-Kun, we will fight Ji-Kun every week as permitted by the Throne of Thunder raid lockout rules. The mount may drop on first attempt, ending the boost in one day, or it may take dozens of runs and weeks. If the boost ends up taking longer, the client will also receive additional loot from every run, compensating the unavoidable delay. Customers can request a fixed number of runs for a predictable ETA and a lower price, but in that case there is no guarantee that their target mount will drop.

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About Rare Mounts Boost Offers

There are hundreds of mounts players can get in WoW, but the most prestigious ones are those that are the hardest to acquire. Rare mounts are popular because of their unique and striking appearances, as well as because they mark an impressive accomplishment. The typical rare mount is a beast that has a very low chance of dropping after the adventurer defeats a challenging opponent, though some have even more demanding unlock conditions. CakeBoost’s Rare Mounts boost service allows customers to upgrade their collections with any of those transportation options swiftly, reliably, and at reasonable prices. Just leave the grind to our professional boosters and enjoy your new ride!

What Can Buyers Get With Our Rare Mounts Boost Services?

Thanks to multiple expansions epxanding the MMORPG’s mount roster, there are dozens of rare mounts in WoW. They are best classified based on their unlock conditions and the particular challenges they pose for players or carries:

  • Dungeon or Raid Rare Mounts: Many instances offer mount rewards for beating certain bosses. In legacy instances, the drop rate for such prizes is typically extremely low. That means would-be collectors usually have to run the same instance repeatedly until the mount they seek drops. They are further hindered by lockouts that prevent them from attempting this content again in the same week, and the difficulty of finding party members for taking on outdated content;
  • World Boss Rare Mounts: World Bosses are exceptionally tough open world enemies. They are somewhat easier to reach and farm than instance bosses, but still require players to invest a lot of their playtime into defeating them. The drop rates for mount prizes they sometimes drop can be even lower, though recent tweaks made this type of mount slightly more accessible;
  • World Spawn Rare Mounts: Mount prizes can be obtained from other open world content as well. The difference between this rare mount type and the previous one is that farming an encounter for a mount is not the main focus. There is either no need to fight anyone or the foe is relatively weak. However, players are required to track down a rare opportunity, often taking the form of a creature that occasionally spawns in a random location and moves around before vanishing. Patrolling likely spawn sites and competing with other collectors is the major challenge here;
  • Miscellaneous Rare Mounts: There are other sources of hard-to-get mounts in the MMORPG. For instance, some are only available during holiday events, making farming them prohibitively difficult for anyone with other demands on their free hours during holidays. Others require farming specific content or completing elaborate meta-achievements.
  • Hunting rare mounts is frustrating, time-consuming, and monotonous. Luckily, players can get a boost from CakeBoost to leave this task to professionals. Our boosters will complete all necessary steps to secure the target mount and repeat them as often as required to obtain it. Their knowledge of encounter strategies and optimal hunting methods will allow them to complete the activities involved with the utmost efficiency. Because they are paid to play, they can concentrate on getting this task done, achieving much faster results than the clients would themselves. Customers will also receive all other rewards gained while boosting Rare Mounts, including vintage loot, reputations, and currencies.

How Do Rare Mounts Boost Services Work?

Purchasing Rare Mounts boosting services from CakeBoost is a simple and straightforward process:

  • Choose the Rare Mount boost you want from our catalog;
  • Make sure that your adventurer meets the individual boost requirements. If not, consider getting our powerleveling or gearing services to skip the grind while getting the adventurer ready for this boost;
  • Select the intended boost options, then click the “buy” icon;
  • Validate the boost order through your shopping cart page;
  • Put forward contact details and preferences, including the messaging program (Skype, Discord, etc.) where we will communicate regarding this boost;
  • Pay for the boost using any of the methods listed on the checkout page;
  • Once our support team makes contact, work out a mutually-acceptable boosting schedule and any extra objectives or conditions;
  • Allow our booster to play from your account during prescheduled intervals and wait until the conclusion of this boost. We will provide regular progress updates to help you follow the boost. Free streaming can also be provided if needed;
  • With the boost finished, consider writing a review on Trustpilot to help us improve our Rare Mounts carry services further.

Alternatively, if you want us to retrieve one of these rare mounts from the Black Market Auction House, go to our Black Market Boost page and follow the instructions there! While this method is more complicated and requires more real life currency, it is also usually faster than a standard boost.